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DopeOnigiri Delivers ‘DJcity Podcast’ Mix


DopeOnigiri performs at Brauclub in Chemnitz, Germany on Feb. 2, 2018. (Credit: Max Patzig)

DJcity Japan member DopeOnigiri, also known as DJ OKI, has dropped a unique mix for the DJcity Podcast. His 52-minute set shines a spotlight on the Japanese hip-hop scene, and includes three exclusive tracks.

DopeOnigiri was the 2015 Red Bull Music 3Style University Japan Champion. He is currently the tour DJ for Japanese American artist MIYACHI.



1. MIYACHI – Wakarimasen
3. ACKO ft. Taiyoh & Lazyy – Don’t Talk To Me 
4. SHAKKA BOZU – Mandara Loop
5. DJ CHARI & DJ TATSUKI ft. Yo-Sea & Ry-lax – 22VISION
6. DJ KANJI ft. Yo-Sea & Young Coco – 22VISION Remix
7. Normcore Boyz ft. Young Dalu, Gucci Prince, & Spada – Still Alive
8. Shurkn Pap –  Trap City HIMEJI
9. TACKMA ft. BBY NABE – Right Moves
11. AWICH – Kamihikouki
12. Lazyy – Street Lights
13. Shurkn Pap – Zero Gravity Drive
14. DJ Hazime & OZworld a.k.a. R’kuma – She Iz
15. Lazzy – Tokyo Metro
16. Shurkn Pap – Midnight Dancer
17. Jin Dogg ft. 23vrsz – AM 2:00
18. No name’s ft. Shurkn Pap – MOOD
19. DJ CHARI ft. Young Dalu, Ozworld a.k.a R’kuma & Shurkn Pap – CONTROL
20. MINMI ft. JP THE WAVY – Imagaii

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Watch DJ Oki and Matsu’s Routine for GENRE BNDR


DJcity Japan member DJ Oki recently teamed up with rising US DJ/producer Matsu in a new routine for GENRE BNDR. The pair showed off their skills in a scratch-heavy performance, which they split into two parts. First, they flipped Dume’s remix of Ciara’s 2004 hit single, “Goodies,” then they scratched over Mr. Carmack‘s 2014 track, “Simpler.”

Watch the three-minute video above.

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Watch DJ Besshon & DJ Oki’s Routine for Genre Bndr

It’s been a while since GENRE BNDR’s last video, but today the Japanese brand has returned with a new turntablism routine from DJ Besshon (2015 DMC Japan Finalist) and DJ Oki (2015 Red Bull Thre3style University Japan Champion). Watch above both DJs show off their scratch skills over an unnamed turntablist beat.
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