First Look: Algoriddim djay iOS App


This week’s news about Algoriddim’s new djay iOS app generated a lot of attention on DJcity. Now, DJcityTV’s Mojaxx has taken a “first look” at the app for a special episode of Tips and Tricks. Watch above.

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Algoriddim Announces New djay iOS App


German DJ company Algoriddim has announced a new, all-in-one iOS app for its award-winning djay software.

The company previously offered different apps for the iPhone and iPad. However, the new app is compatible with any device running iOS 11.2 or later. It is available as a free download and paid subscription.

Both versions have Spotify integration and support a number of official djay controllers like the Reloop Mixon 4 and Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4.

The subscription version, priced at $4.99 a month, offers extra features like:

– Support for 50+ MIDI controllers from Pioneer DJ, Reloop, Numark, Denon DJ, and others
– Advanced MIDI learn system
– Video mixing
– Advanced media library including Dropbox integration
– Looper and sequencer
– Ableton Link

The new Djay app is available on the App Store. Customers who have purchased any previous iOS version are eligible for a discounted subscription, which is available as an in-app purchase.

Stay tuned for a first look from DJcityTV’s Mojaxx on Friday.

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Review: Reloop Mixon 4 Controller

Reloop Mixon 4

There are a lot of DJ controllers on the market, but the Reloop Mixon 4 isn’t your standard device. Designed for Serato DJ and Algoriddim djay, the Mixon 4 can be used with both laptops and mobile devices. But does the Mixon 4’s versatility make it worth the purchase? Find out on this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks.

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17-Year-Old DJ Sara Scratches With Reloop’s Beatpad 2

DJ Sara

Algoriddim has shared a video of 17-year-old DJ Sara freestyle scratching with their djay Pro software and Reloop’s Beatpad 2 DJ controller.

Sara came to prominence in 2011 after her and her brother DJ Ryusei posted a series of scratch videos on YouTube. The videos caught the attention of the turntablism community, and in 2012, Sara and Ryusei joined DJ QBert in a scratch session.

Watch Sara’s two-minute video for Algoriddim above.

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Reloop’s Mixtour Is a Portable and Versatile DJ Controller

Reloop Mixtour

DJcityTV’s Mojaxx has reviewed the Reloop Mixtour, a portable DJ controller that’s designed for the djay 2 mobile app. It is also mappable with Traktor, rekordbox, and Virtual DJ.

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Review: djay Pro for iPad

DJing with a tablet has become more attractive with the introduction of Apple’s powerful iPad Pro. Looking to capitalize on this trend is Algoriddim, the maker of djay Pro for iPad.
Djay Pro features high-definition waveforms, four decks, video mixing, and Spotify integration. But is it suitable for professional use? Find out in this week’s Tips & Tricks episode.
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DJ QBert’s Album Artwork Doubles as a DJ Controller

Back in 2013, legendary turntablist DJ QBert launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his new album, Extraterrestria. While many crowdsourcing campaigns fail to reach their goals, QBert’s went beyond expectations and ended as the most successful project to date in the hip-hop category and the 20th most funded in the music category.
Having raised over $128,000 from fans, QBert then partnered with Algoriddim, the developer of the djay app, and Novalia, a company that makes interactive paper. The result? The world’s first interactive album packaging.
Acrylick writes: “With this innovation, the album’s gatefold cover is transformed into an actual Bluetooth DJ controller. Accessing DJ QBert’s album (or any MP3) through the DJay app, you’re able to manipulate and effect the songs with the use of the built-in controller.”
The feature is now available in the limited edition vinyl and CD packaging that was pre-sold through Kickstarter. See how it works in the video above.
H/T: FactMag
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