Algoriddim’s djay Pro AI App Allows DJs to Create Acapellas and Instrumentals Live

Algoriddim’s djay Pro AI with Neural Mix technology. (Source: YouTube)

Algoriddim has introduced djay Pro AI, an upgrade to its popular DJing app for iOS, which is powered by Neural Mix technology. The tech allows DJs to separate a track’s vocals, drums, and harmonics in real time.

The ability to isolate these elements of a track expands the possibilities for creating live remixes, without needing pre-existing acapella or instrumental versions.

Watch Algoriddim’s teaser video below, along with Crossfader‘s walkthrough which mentions the Beatsource LINK functionality now available in the djay app.

The public beta of Beatsource LINK is currently open to everyone. Sign up for a 30-day free trial here.

H/T: Crossfader

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