Ryan Enzed

Watch a Producer Make a Track Using Serato Sample

Serato Sample

Serato made waves in April when it announced Serato Sample, the company’s first VST plugin. Since then, a select group of producers have been experimenting with it as part of an exclusive public beta.

Ryan Enzed, a DJ/producer from New Zealand, has shared a video of himself doing just that. In the clip, he makes a track with samples that he built using the VST. He offers insight into his process, as he adds layers and manipulates sounds with features like Key Shift and Time Stretch. The finished song can be heard at the end.

Enzed is no stranger to producing and sharing his knowledge. His YouTube channel, which has over 6 million views, contains numerous production tutorials. As a producer, he has released music on Dim Mak and Big Fish Recordings.

Serato recently stopped accepting applications for the beta, and there’s no word on when Sample will be released. However, Enzed’s video provides producers with an in-depth look at it in the meantime.

Watch his video above.

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