Beatsource LINK Is Now Available in PCDJ DEX 3 Software

(Source: Beatsource)

Beatsource has announced that Beatsource LINK is now available in PCDJ DEX 3, a leading performance software among mobile and video DJs.

DEX 3 users can stream tracks from Beatsource’s library, including thousands of expertly curated playlists, directly from the software.

Ryan Sherr, General Manager at PCDJ, says:

“Streaming platforms are firmly the preferred method for consumers to listen to and discover new music, and inevitably DJs want the same access to massive streaming libraries. With Beatsource LINK baked into our flagship DEX 3 software, whether they’re a club jock or a mobile DJ, our customers no longer need to source their music elsewhere. They can just log in and instantly stream from a massive catalog of high-quality tracks from premium artists.”

Beatport LINK, which uses the same technology as Beatsource LINK, is also available in DEX 3.

Start your free trial of Beatsource LINK here and learn how to use LINK in DEX 3 here.

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