Introducing the Spinbox, a DIY Portable Turntable

There are a wide variety of turntables on the market today, including models for professional DJs, amateur DJs, regular listeners, and audiophiles.

One of the more unusual models is the Spinbox, a DIY portable turntable kit that’s affordable and easy to build.

Like many great inventions, the Spinbox was born out of necessity. Several years ago, DJ QuestionMark released an album on vinyl and sold a bunch of copies to his friends. However, most of them didn’t have a turntable. That’s when QuestionMark got the idea to develop an affordable and easy to use turntable: the Spinbox.

The Spinbox isn’t available yet, as QuestionMark is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to bring it to the masses. However, DJcityTV’s Mojaxx loves the idea behind it, and couldn’t help but review it on Tips and Tricks.

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