A-Trak Is Organizing a New DJ Competition

A-Trak has revealed that he’s organizing a new DJ and beat battle that will take place later this year. The Fool’s Gold boss made the announcement during Craze‘s appearance on DJcity’s MikiDz Show on Monday night.
“[Turntablism] is not old school. It’s not some shit from the old heads or whatever,” A-Trak said. “There’s ways to do it with the sonics of music that’s current. We all listen to new music, we all play new music, and the new routines are updated to fit with the new shit, and I think the battle world needs to adapt to that too.”
A-Trak added that Craze, Four Color Zack and “all the other homies” would judge the battle.
Craze, who was standing next to A-Trak during the announcement, described what to expect from him as a judge. “I’m gonna be the Simon Cowell of that shit,” he said with a grin. “I’ll be like, ‘you’re not supposed to be out here. What are you doing?'”
A-Trak said he would reveal more details about the competition in the next couple of months.
Watch the announcement below and stay tuned for video of Craze’s set and interview.

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