Diplo Discusses Major Lazer’s Historic Cuba Concert

Major Lazer performs in Havana, Cuba on Mar. 6, 2016. (Kent Anderson)
Last weekend, Major Lazer made history when they performed a free concert in Havana, Cuba for an estimated 400,000 fans. It was the first show by a major American act since diplomatic ties were restored between the two countries after decades of isolation.
To learn more about the concert, award-winning journalist Charlie Rose traveled to Havana to interview Major Lazer member Diplo for CBS This Morning. The two cruised around the capital city while they discussed the significance of the event, why Major Lazer’s single “Lean On” became a worldwide hit and more.
“I think it’s important to play places like this where the music is still brand new,” Diplo said. “These are the guys who are gonna change it. The kids in Havana, the kids in Pakistan, the kids in India — [they’re] the ones who are gonna to bring it to a new level.”
“I was surprised by how much they knew, how culturally aware the kids are, considering there’s sort of a blockade of culture reaching Cuba. And I think it’s going to change a lot, because when information starts to come, you can’t stop that flow.”
Watch the inspiring interview below.

Additional footage from the concert:

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