• Diplo Talks Career and Current State of Music at Oxford University

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    Diplo performs at Hyde Beach in Miami on March 23, 2018. (Credit: Dylan Rives/World Red Eye)

    Since 1823, Oxford University’s historic debate society, the Oxford Union, has hosted numerous high profile speakers. From Winston Churchill to Albert Einstein to Michael Jackson, the list is full of influential people who’ve helped shape the world.

    In May, Oxford added Diplo to the list. “I never imagined my career would take me somewhere like this,” the 40-year-old DJ/producer said at the beginning of his speech.

    During the hour-long conversation, Diplo gave a speech about his career and participated in a Q&A session with the audience. He discussed how traveling abroad influenced the development of his career, his thoughts on the current hip-hop scene, the lack of female representation in the DJ world, among many other topics.

    On how he stays passionate about DJing:

    “I found a way to regulate my life so I can get work done and do shows. And I’m actually really lucky that I love it. … The randomness of my career and the eclecticness of what I DJ makes it easy to do different things. I never plan a DJ set. I have so many different projects I can pull from to play. It might be the pop songs [or] it might be something underground I just created. I think when people come see me play they’re going to expect to be surprised. So I’ve been really lucky that I never get bored.”

    On the younger generation of rappers:

    “It’s fascinating to see how, if you look at the top charts on Spotify or Apple Music, the top 20 charts [are] gonna have 19 rap songs by young kids that are between 15 and 20 years old. And I think that’s an amazing shift because the audience wants that. They’re reaching people directly. And I feel like hip-hop always had the chance to be that music that reaches directly, but there was always a guard by the labels, by the radio, and now we don’t need any of that. You just go straight to SoundCloud or Spotify, and you’re reaching an audience. So I love that. I love the rebelliousness of and the anarchist qualities of these young guys who were on the last EP I just produced.”

    On how an aspiring songwriter can get his attention:

    “I listen to as much music as I possibly can, but now you have to be something crazy. I’ve lived in [Los Angeles] for so long, and there’s such a songwriter-y world there where the songs are the same. They’re just dressed up differently, and I’m so bored. … But I’ve always been the kind of guy that’s been on the outside, trying to do something different. And it’s never been easy for me to write a simple song or pop music. And I think you have to be really exciting. I don’t have an ear for pop that much. I have more of an ear for craziness, and I can help you figure out how to make that work. … [So] just be different because we have so much of the same happening right now in the music scene that I think that if you push yourself to be as crazy as possible it’s gonna be your only hope to succeed.”

    Watch the interview below.

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  • Watch Silk City’s ‘Only Can Get Better’ Video Feat. Daniel Merriweather

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    Diplo and Mark Ronson’s duo, Silk City, has released a video for their debut single “Only Can Get Better” featuring Australian singer Daniel Merriweather. Released on Columbia Records, the disco-influenced track currently has 3.9 million streams on Spotify.

    The visual is composed of gritty footage from some of Silk City’s first performances, including The Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City and Club Tempo in Los Angeles.

    Watch the video above and download “Only Can Get Better” on DJcity.

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  • Watch Diplo Perform at Boiler Room’s London Headquarters

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    Diplo recently stopped by the Boiler Room’s London headquarters to drop a DJ set.

    The Mad Decent boss’ hour-long performance featured tracks from African and Brazilian artists, alongside club favorites like Drake, Migos, and Cardi B. Diplo also threw in tracks from his groups Major Lazer and Silk City, his collaboration with Mark Ronson.

    Watch above.

    Tracklist (according to 1001Tracklists.com):

    1. Aero Manyelo – Tshunga
    2. Daft Punk – Emotion – DJ Mauboussin Bootleg
    3. Mr. Eazi – Leg Over – Major Lazer Dub
    4. Davido – Skelewu – Major Lazer & Wiwek Remix
    5. Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber & MO – Cold Water – ID Remix
    6. Olamide – Science Student
    7. DJ Mujava – Township Funk – Ashley Beedle Africanz On Marz Re-Edit
    8. Kelis – Milkshake – Kandy Remix
    9. Jay R Neutron – Know Me
    10. Michael Brun – Jalouzi
    11. Major Lazer ft. Travis Scott, Camila Cabello, & Quavo – Know No Better
    12. Babes Wodumo ft. Mampintsha & Danger – Umngan’wami
    13. Bhizer ft. Busiswa, SC Gorna, & Bhepepe – Gobisiqolo
    14. Babes Wodumo ft. Mampintsha – Wololo
    15. MHD – Afro Trap Pt. 8 (Never) – ID Remix
    16. ID – ID
    17. Migos & Lil Uzi Vert – Bad And Boujee
    18. Drake ft. Rihanna – Too Good – Liam Keegan Remix
    19. Gama – Everybody Ready
    21. MC Neguinho do ITR – Popotao Grandao
    22. MC Rafa Original, MC Taliba, & DJ P7 – No Beco
    23. Major Lazer ft. The Partysquad – Original Don – ID Remix
    24. Anitta, MC Zaac, & Maejor ft. Tropkillaz & DJ Yuri Martins – Vai Malandra
    25. FlipN’Gawd – Brazilian Wax
    26. MC Fioti, Future, J Balvin, Stefflon Don, & Juan Magan – Bum Bum Tam Tam
    27. Migos – Narcos
    28. Cardi B – Money Bag – Lazy Flow Afro Funk Edit
    29. Migos – T-Shirt
    30. ID – ID
    31. Benga & Coki – Night
    32. Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody
    33. ID – ID
    34. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – La Vela (Prende La Vela)
    35. Orlando Voorn – In Da Jungle – Chocolate Puma Remix
    36. ID – ID
    37. Afrojack & Quinten De Rosario ft. Jessie K – Bald ‘N’ Hairy
    38. Jude & Frank ft. Toto la Momposina – La Luna – ID Remix
    39. ID – ID
    40. Karismae – ID
    41. Silk City ft. Daniel Merriweather – Only Can Get Better

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  • Meet Eric Hamilton, Program Director of Diplo’s Revolution Channel on SiriusXM

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    Eric Hamilton and Diplo
    Eric Hamilton performs with Diplo. (Source: Eric Hamilton)

    In March, Diplo launched a channel on SiriusXM called Diplo’s Revolution. It made sense: over the past six years, the Mad Decent founder’s weekly Diplo and Friends program on BBC Radio 1Xtra has become one of the most popular and influential mix shows in the world. It has earned that reputation by focusing on booking a diverse range of forward-thinking guest DJs.

    Now, with his own station at the world’s largest radio company, Diplo has expanded his taste-making empire. Diplo’s Revolution boasts a diverse lineup of hosts including Armin van Buuren, Oliver Heldens, Destructo, GTA, and Party Favor, all of whom are influencers in their own right. Major Lazer members Walshy Fire and Jillionaire also have shows.

    Like any project, there are key people behind the scenes who make it possible. In the case of Diplo’s Revolution, it’s the channel’s 34-year-old Program Director, Eric Hamilton. Born in Long Beach and raised in Riverside, Hamilton cut his teeth DJing in Los Angeles in the 2000s. In 2012, with no prior radio experience, he began producing a syndicated show on iHeartRadio for his friend Dillon Francis. After proving himself on air, Dillon’s manager, Kevin Kusatsu, who also manages Diplo, asked Hamilton to get involved with Diplo and Friends. The show had been on the air for only a year and hadn’t reached its potential.

    Since then, Hamilton has served as the executive producer of Diplo and Friends, helping book guests, produce mixes, and guide the show’s direction. (Hamilton was Diplo’s assistant for part of that time.) Hamilton has also been involved with Major Lazer: he occasionally fills in for Jillionaire at shows and is the executive producer of Lazer Sound, the group’s program on Apple Music’s Beats 1 station.

    Given the success of Diplo and Friends and his close relationship with Diplo, Hamilton was an obvious choice to be program director of Diplo’s Revolution. We recently spoke with him to learn more about his role and how the station operates.

    How did Diplo’s Revolution come about?

    Renee Brodeur, who manages Wes [Diplo] at TMWRK, brought the opportunity up in March 2017 and worked incredibly hard on getting the deal done to make it happen.

    What does your role entail?

    I help go through music with SiriusXM’s team and pick out stuff that plays in the rotation. I also reach out to people to do mixes or shows.

    What do you look for when booking guest DJs?

    If there’s someone that’s up and coming and making great new music, I’ll try to reach out to them to see if they want to play any of it in a mix. For the most part, if someone wants to do a mix, they should have it coincide with a release. Or if they’ve got a tour, show or something that they want to shine a light on, I try to have them pinpoint the date, so there’s a lot of buzz.

    How much freedom do you have?

    We have a lot of freedom. When this station started, I sent SiriusXM a folder of like 500 songs to play, and they were all really impressed with the music.

    Do you have a favorite host so far?

    GTA’s show is one of my favorites because it’s exactly what the station is about. It’s called Death to Genres, and that’s pretty much the vibe of the station. I’m probably one of their biggest fans because those guys have been making really dope club stuff for so long, but it still works today. Those guys get it. I feel like that’s something that’s always going to be constant with Diplo’s Revolution. It’s going to have people on there that are making really dope stuff, and if they have the time and want to do a show, then I’m going to give them the opportunity.

    Eric Hamilton and Major Lazer
    Eric Hamilton performs with Major Lazer. (Source: Eric Hamilton)

    Some SiriusXM subscribers are unhappy that Diplo’s Revolution replaced Electric Area. What do you tell them?

    We like house, trance, and all different types of music. That’s what this station is about. It’s not just one thing. Some people are mad because they think it’s one thing. But a lot of the stuff they think is not there is still there and they got to give it a chance. We’re at a point in the music world that people like variety. Look at festivals. Imagine going to Ultra Music Festival and hearing the same music on every stage. People don’t want to hear the same thing all the time. The station has variety, and it’s like going to a festival with different stages. That’s where music is right now. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback, though. People want to do shows on the station because they like the idea and what we’re doing. It’s been really cool to get words of encouragement from other DJs and producers in the music world.

    Does it ever get stressful working on three different radio projects?

    I have someone that helps me from time to time, but it can be stressful trying to maintain the creative energy and make people want to come back. That’s the one thing I’m always focusing on: making something that’s cool and makes sense to the masses, so they want to come back. Radio is radio. It’s all kind of the same, but I don’t want one show to be better than the other. I want everything to be top notch.

    Out of the three platforms that you work with (Apple Music, BBC Radio, and SiriusXM), do you have a favorite?

    I like SiriusXM more because we don’t have to censor anything. That’s one of my pet peeves. SiriusXM is the only place where stuff isn’t censored. I wish Apple Music’s Beats 1 was uncensored. I wish it had more freedom of speech.

    What’s your favorite part about working in radio?

    Getting new music before anyone. Working with Wes, you get to hear a lot of stuff first. You’re at the forefront of what’s going to be happening next. It’s like being in the now before the now happens. It’s also cool to be able to meet people that you’re a fan of. I’ve gotten to meet a lot of people that I looked up to when I was younger and see a lot of places that I never thought I’d see.

    What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from working with Diplo?

    I’ve definitely gotten the work ethic from him. He’s always on the grind, constantly coming up with new everything. Look at his production list; there’s no boundaries. It’s like you conquer something, but there’s more to be conquered. It’s a never-ending hustle. He’s been an inspiration. That’s why I was really psyched to work with him. He’s helped me improve and keep me on my grind and constantly be on the lookout for what’s cool and what’s happening and what needs to be shown to people and presented in the music world.

    Follow Eric Hamilton on Instagram and Twitter.

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  • Watch Diplo, French Montana, and Lil Pump’s ‘Welcome to the Party’ Video Feat. Zhavia Ward

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    Just a week after releasing “Welcome To The Party,” Diplo has returned with a video for his collab with French Montana, Lil Pump, and Zhavia Ward. The song, which appears on the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, is currently No. 1 on DJcity’s Hot Box chart.

    The visual includes scenes from the top-earning film and features the four artists partying it up at an underground venue.

    Watch above and download “Welcome To The Party” on DJcity.

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  • Watch Diplo’s ‘Color Blind’ Video Feat. Lil Xan

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    After dropping a visual for his Desiigner-assisted track “Suicidal,” Diplo has returned with a video for his Lil Xan collab, “Color Blind.” The track appears on the producer’s California EP.

    The video, which is set in Riverside, California, shows the rapper and the Mad Decent founder hanging out at a house party and in Xan’s worn-down car.

    Diplo on Facebook:

    “me and LIL XAN cooked this up..probably the most unique sound from the EP but a perfect match of styles to make something brand new.”

    Watch above and download the track on DJcity.

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  • Watch Diplo’s ‘Suicidal’ Video Feat. Desiigner

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    Following the release of his new California EP, Diplo has dropped a visual for the project’s Desiigner-assisted track, “Suicidal.” The video follows the two artists and other characters as they wander through neon-lit streets.

    Diplo described the introspective track on social media:

    “desiigner came over for a few days and just locked in on that beat.. we wrote a scratch and then a few months later cut the vocal and we had a good track. for me its a sort of compromise between some of my favorite producers like Flume and Mura masa and a real hip hop energy that desiigner brings.”

    Watch above and download the track on DJcity.

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  • Diplo Talks About His Hip-Hop Roots, Lil Xan’s 2Pac Comment

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    Diplo at Premier Nightclub in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Jan. 26, 2018. (Source: Facebook)

    Before dropping his California EP on Friday, Diplo sat down with the popular No Jumper podcast for an in-depth interview. The conversation, which spanned one-and-a-half hours, covered a wide range of topics, like the current Las Vegas scene, the EDM bubble, and his most difficult DJ gig.

    The Mad Decent founder also discussed his hip-hop roots and Lil Xan‘s recent controversial comment that 2Pac is “boring.” (Diplo has a track with Xan on his EP.)

    On Diplo’s hip-hop roots:

    “When I grew up, I loved hip-hop because I was obsessed with the graffiti. I was obsessed with the culture. … It sounds corny, but I was break dancing. I was doing graffiti. I was obsessed with the art side of it. … So I dug into the history. I watched this movie called Style Wars. I got into the history of old school hip-hop, like what it meant to be a DJ and I’m lucky that I learned that way. I’m obsessed with the old records, the old sounds, like what DJ Premier was doing all the way to like what the DJ are now.”

    On Xan’s comment about 2Pac:

    “I grew up loving West Coast hip-hop. [Pharcyde’s Bizarre Ride of the Pharcyde] is probably the album that made me wanna be a producer. … And then like Freestyle Fellowship, and then I got into like Snoop [Dogg] and [Dr.] Dre. … I wasn’t a big 2Pac fan, but then as a DJ I became a huge fan because [all of his music] worked. So I mean music just affects you differently, but people have the right to be fans and not fans of music.”

    Watch the full convo below.

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  • Diplo to Launch His Own SiriusXM Channel

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    Diplo at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas on Jan. 21, 2017. (Source: Facebook)

    Diplo has announced that he will launch his own, exclusive channel on SiriusXM called Diplo’s Revolution. It will replace Electric Area on channel 52.

    The channel, which will launch March 22, will feature tracks selected by Diplo, as well as original shows hosted by Diplo, Dillon Francis, and Major Lazer members Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire. Diplo’s Revolution will also air live coverage from electronic music festivals around the world like Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, and more.

    Diplo will host a weekly show, Records on Records, that will air on Fridays at 7 pm ET. He will also host a monthly show, Diplo’s Wavelength, which will showcase the cultures and music he discovers while touring the world. Diplo’s Wavelength will air the first Friday of every month.

    He said in the press release:

    “Back in 2012, I had a show with [SiriusXM] called ‘Blow Your Head,’ and it’s awesome to be back in the family launching this project together … I’m excited to share my favorite music from all over the world, and can’t wait to have tons of friends on to do the same.”

    The channel will be kicked off with a live performance from Faena Theater in Miami Beach on Thursday, March 22 at 9 pm ET. It will feature DJ sets from Diplo and others.

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  • Diplo Teams With Lil Yachty and Santigold for New Single and Video, ‘Worry No More’

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    Diplo has teamed up with Lil Yachty and Santigold for an inspirational single titled, “Worry No More.” The track is the latest release off his forthcoming California EP, his first solo project since 2013’s Revolution EP.

    Clocking in at 83 BPM, “Worry No More” blends Diplo’s signature production style with one of Yachty’s catchy hooks. The song serves as a follow up to “Get It Right” featuring MO and “Look Back” featuring D.R.A.M..

    Diplo revealed how the track came together in a post on his Facebook:

    “Made this song with Lil Yachty after his first show in Toronto. He ordered some pizza and freestyled this on a guitar loop. We worked on some other music after that and then a few months back I decided to finish it and invited Santigold to help. She ripped it. It’s why she’s one of the best out there.”

    Diplo has also shared an accompanying video. The visual finds Yachty and Santigold working as bakers in a pastry shop.

    Download “Worry No More” on DJcity and watch the video for it above.

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