Review: Rane MP2014 Rotary Mixer

Rane’s MP2015 rotary mixer was a big hit last year, and now they’ve followed up with a smaller and cheaper model, the MP2014. For the first full review, DJcityTV’s Mojaxx breaks down the 2014’s features and how it stacks up against its bigger brother.
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  • electrosawrus

    “Have a crossfader”? Really Mojaxx?, that was one of your “con’s” on a classic rotary house mixer? Lol ? Yea like “This motor bikes awesome , it just needs four wheels”???? I get your idea, I guess but if you want a 2channel rane mixer with a crossfader there are other options by rane for that – Intresting though – that flat sound wasnt on the 2015? – And complete downer about it not being Traktor cert’ed , plus no digital inputs? – Makes you think: they could have put some on there? Surely. Nice review thou.Ty ?

  • Linz&Mars

    I think a crossfader, at the same price point, would have definitely opened up this mixer to a much larger market without alienating the rotary-heads.
    What’s up with all these $2,000+ mixers not having Serato & Traktor support?
    At this premium price point surely these manufacturers can afford the licensing (especially if they’re made in Malaysia or China – I’m looking at you Pioneer 900NXS2) or is the licensing fees from Serato & Traktor costly?