New ‘Bedroom Sessions’ Featuring DJ Chris Brown

Yesterday, Chicago-born DJ and turntablist Chris Brown (not to be confused with the singer) was selected to compete in the 2015 Red Bull Thre3style competition. Today, we’re happy to share the latest episode of DJcity TV’s “Bedroom Sessions” series, which features a seven-minute mix from him. Watch above as Chris throws down a variety of tracks with scratching, juggling and tone play sprinkled in.
DJcity recognizes there’s a ton of dope DJs from around the world who deserve more shine. To showcase their talent, we created a series called “Bedroom Sessions” that features folks throwing down sets in their homes. The mixes are open format without special effects, fancy club decoration and other fluff. Got what it takes to be featured in the next episode? Send an example video (2-4 minutes) to
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