rekordbox dj Adds Streaming Support for Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+

rekordbox dj

Pioneer DJ has released rekordbox dj 5.6.1, an update that introduces support for music streaming services Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+. DJs can now play tracks from those services along with music in their rekordbox library when using rekordbox dj.

Users can either search for tracks or browse charts or playlists on Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+ directly from rekordbox dj.

Both Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+ require subscriptions. All Pioneer DJ products that support rekordbox dj are compatible with Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+ upon subscription.

Download rekordbox 5.6.1 here.

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Denon DJ Announces World’s First Music Streaming Capability in DJ Hardware

Denon DJ

Denon DJ
Source: Denon DJ

Denon DJ has announced that its Prime series hardware will soon be internet-capable and integrated with a variety of music streaming services. That means that, for the first time ever, DJs will be able to stream music directly from DJ hardware without a laptop.

The following streaming platforms will be integrated: SoundCloud Go+, TIDAL, the newly launched Beatport LINK service, as well as Beatport and DJcity’s forthcoming service Beatsource LINK.

Denon DJ’s Creative Director, Paul Dakeyne, said in the press release:

“With both Wi-Fi and physical internet connection now engaged across the Prime Series hardware, plus access to the huge amount of digital music content from the industry’s premier streaming services, DJs no longer need a laptop computer. This changes everything – right here, right now!”

The Beatport LINK integration will also introduce the first-ever service that enables DJs to store tracks directly on DJ hardware and play them offline. Offline storage will be made available as part of two forthcoming plans: Beatport LINK PRO, which will allow DJs to save up to 50 tracks, and Beatport LINK PRO+, which will allow DJs to save up to 100 tracks.

Beatsource is a forthcoming music service from Beatport and DJcity for open-format DJs. It will include an a la carte download service and the Beatsource LINK streaming service, the latter of which will be integrated into Denon DJ’s Prime series hardware.

Denon DJ’s streaming integrations will be rolled out via firmware updates starting in summer.

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SoundCloud Adds Distribution Feature to Premier Program



SoundCloud announced on Tuesday that it has added a distribution feature to its SoundCloud Premier monetization program. The feature enables participants to distribute their music on all major music streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music.

Launched in 2018, SoundCloud Premier enables artists to earn money from their original music on SoundCloud. The program’s new distribution feature takes it a step further by opening up outside revenue streams. It means that SoundCloud is now a distributor in addition to a streaming service.

According to the company’s press release:

“Creators using the SoundCloud Premier distribution feature keep 100% of their rights, keep 100% of their distribution royalties from third-party services, and at no additional cost.”

SoundCloud is now the second major streaming service to enable artists to distribute their original music on other platforms. In October, Spotify announced that it had teamed up with DistroKid to offer distribution as part of its Spotify for Artists program.

SoundCloud’s distribution feature is currently in beta. Learn more about it here.

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SoundCloud Streaming Now Available in Serato DJ Pro



Last month, SoundCloud announced that its Go+ streaming service would be integrated into a variety of DJ software, including Traktor Pro, Virtual DJ, and Mixvibes. Serato DJ Pro was also on the list, but the integration wasn’t expected until 2019.

However, in a surprise move, Serato has introduced SoundCloud integration into the latest build of the Serato DJ Pro 2.1 public beta.

To play SoundCloud tracks with Serato DJ Pro, users will need a Go+ subscription. The service costs $9.99 a month, but those looking to experiment with it can sign up for a free 30-day trial. The tracks are available for streaming at 256kbps AAC quality.

The Serato DJ Pro 2.1 public beta can be downloaded here.

Watch Mojaxx‘s first look at the public beta below.

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Serato to Launch Streaming Integrations With SoundCloud and TIDAL

Serato DJ Pro

Music streaming services SoundCloud and TIDAL will be integrated into an upcoming release of Serato DJ Pro and Serato DJ Lite, the company has announced.

The streaming tracks will appear in Serato just like regular music files. Additionally, saved playlists on the streaming platforms will automatically appear in the Serato DJ library.

To make use of the integration, DJs will need a subscription to both or either of the streaming services.

SoundCloud offers its Go+ subscription for $9.99 a month, while TIDAL has two tiers of membership: Premium and HiFi at $9.99 and $19.99 a month, respectively. Both platforms also offer 30-day trials.

More details about Serato’s integration with SoundCloud and TIDAL will be announced later.

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DJs and Producers Can Now Earn Revenue From SoundCloud

Photo source: SoundCloud

SoundCloud has announced that it has expanded its revenue sharing program to include to DJs and producers.

The SoundCloud Premier program, as it’s called, enables content creators to earn revenue generated from subscriptions and advertising on the platform.

According to the company’s blog:

“Beginning today, DJs and producers who create sets, remixes and other forms of creative works will now be invited to join our SoundCloud Premier program, and earn revenue for the tracks they share on SoundCloud.”

There’s one catch, though: the program is currently invite-only. However, SoundCloud says that it’s increasing the number of people invited every day.

Content creators can sign up here.

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