DJcityTV Assembles Star-Studded Lineup for Toronto ‘Cutting Room’

Skratch Bastid

DJcityTV’s Cutting Room series has featured some impressive lineups over the years, but Toronto’s new episode might take the cake. Representing T-Dot are nine award-winning turntablists, including heavyweights Skratch Bastid, Vekked, and Hedspin, along with Trapment, Dopey, Brandon Duke, DJ Grouch, deejay t-jr., and Needle & Groove.

Watch the five-minute session above, which was shot at the MARS recording studio.

Music credits:

“One Forty” — Paul Skratch
“Drumstep” — DJ Shub

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Dopey Performs Routine With Kanye’s ‘Black Skinhead’


Former DMC World DJ champion Dopey has delivered a creative performance using Kanye West’s 2013 single, “Black Skinhead.” The Canadian turntablist told DJcity he kept tweaking the routine until he could perform it live during his shows, not just at home.

Watch the final version above.

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Watch DJ Dopey’s ‘Chubb Rock’ Juggle

DJ Dopey

Former DMC World Champion DJ Dopey has posted a video of himself juggling with various versions of Chubb Rock’s 1989 single, “Ya Bad Chubbs.” It is the second installment of his Throwback Thursday series, which features old and unreleased routines.

Dopey included the following message with the clip:

“First and foremost, I’d like to send a big shout out to D-Scratch (Tunrstylez Crew). Back in 2002ish, he gave me these records because he just couldn’t get a decent routine out of them. Thankfully he passed them over as these were one of my favorite juggles! With some quick pitch control adjustments, I was able to achieve a slight variation of notes during the juggle. It was enough to have a good impact. Hope you enjoy even with all the static! Damn I love and miss that static!!!”

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Dopey Honors Michael Jackson’s Passing with Live Remix

Today is the sixth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing and many people are showing their respect. So far, one of the standout tributes has been from Toronto turntablist, Dopey.
Earlier today, the former DMC World Champion posted a video of himself live remixing MJ’s “Rock With You.” The song is one of the few from its era that still gets played in top 40 clubs.
Dopey included the following message with the video:

“Michael Jackson has been a staple in my household for as long as I can remember. His unfortunate passing back on this day in 2009, sent shock-waves through the music industry and fans alike. This is my live ‘re-fix’ of his timeless track ‘Rock With You’.”

Dopey’s routine makes use of two Technics turntables along with a Native Instruments Z2 mixer, and Maschine controller.
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Dopey Celebrates Stevie Wonder’s Birthday with ‘Superstition’ Juggle

Stevie Wonder turned 65 today and to celebrate his birthday, former DMC World Champion Dopey put together a routine based on the singer’s 1972 hit, “Superstition.” Watch above as the Toronto native juggles through the funk classic, all while getting a haircut in the process.

“I’ve been a Stevie Wonder fan since a young age. My parents constantly played his music throughout my childhood, and I eventually rediscovered his music as a teen. His story personifies both courage, and inspiration. This is my little dedication to one of the most prolific artists in the 20th century.”

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Hedspin & Dopey’s Holiday Scratch Tribute to James Brown

Our buddy DJ Hedspin recently got together with 2003 World DMC Champion DJ Dopey to pay tribute to James Brown with a three-minute scratch routine. The video features the two scratch beasts going back-to-back with a couple of 45s, all accompanied by a dancing JB!
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