Watch DJ Dopey’s ‘Chubb Rock’ Juggle

Former DMC World Champion DJ Dopey has posted a video of himself juggling with various versions of Chubb Rock’s 1989 single, “Ya Bad Chubbs.” It is the second installment of his Throwback Thursday series, which features old and unreleased routines.

Dopey included the following message with the clip:

“First and foremost, I’d like to send a big shout out to D-Scratch (Tunrstylez Crew). Back in 2002ish, he gave me these records because he just couldn’t get a decent routine out of them. Thankfully he passed them over as these were one of my favorite juggles! With some quick pitch control adjustments, I was able to achieve a slight variation of notes during the juggle. It was enough to have a good impact. Hope you enjoy even with all the static! Damn I love and miss that static!!!”

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