DJ Robert Smith

Watch: DJ Robert Smith Gives Routine Tutorial

DJ Robert Smith

DJ Robert Smith, the 2017 DMC Germany champion, breaks down his Fatboy Slim routine in a tutorial for the Super Hero DJs online school.

The routine features Slim’s 1998 hit “The Rockefeller Skank” and Smoke City’s 1997 single “Underwater Love.”

Super Hero DJs offers multilingual lessons from world-class DJs, including former 3Style and DMC champs like Hedspin, Fong Fong, JFB, 69Beats, and Trayze.

Watch a preview of DJ Robert Smith’s tutorial above and sign up to watch the full video. (Use coupon code “SUPERWELCOME” for a 20% discount.)

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New Documentary Series ‘Inside Turntablists’ Explores Global Scratch Scene

DJ Robert Smith

British creative collective Boom City has launched new documentary series, Inside Turntablists, which explores the global scratch scene. The series looks at the full spectrum of turntablism, from club DJs with chops to underground turntablists who don’t DJ in the traditional sense.

On the first episode, Inside Turntablists visits DJ Robert Smith, the 2017 DMC Germany champion. Smith discusses why he’s dedicated his life to turntablism and what it’s like being an artist in Berlin.

Watch above.

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