• Chuckie Talks J Balvin Collab, ‘Machika’

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    Chuckie at Exchange LA on Oct. 6, 2017. (Source: Facebook)

    Dutch legend Chuckie recently spoke with Billboard about co-producing J Balvin, Jeon, and Anitta‘s international club anthem, “Machika.”

    The track, which is currently No. 14 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart, was also produced by Dutch trio ChildsPlay and frequent Balvin collaborator Sky Rompiendo El Bajo.

    In the interview, Chuckie explains that the foundation of “Machika” isn’t reggaeton like some listeners may think. Instead, it’s rooted in a Dutch Caribbean house style called “bubbling.”

    “Bubbling was born in the late 1980s when DJ Moortje, a Netherlands-based DJ from Curacao, accidentally speeded up a dancehall track during a club set …,” Billboard writes. “The rhythms of Jamaica [including reggaeton instigator dembow] have been favorites in the Netherlands,” Chuckie says. “Bubbling changed the speed to almost double the tempo.”

    “The sound of ‘Machika’ is [the sound] of the evolution of bubbling … A lot of the grooves are sounds I was using back in the ’90s. It’s kind of reinvented itself for this new generation of kids.”

    Along with his experience in the style, Chuckie also recognized the importance of mashing different cultures.

    “Now with the Internet, we’re all world citizens; [through music] we get to learn about other cultures and I think that’s beautiful,” Chuckie says. “They know that whatever I’m going to send them sounds different. It’s nice to have different flavors in a genre. That keeps it interesting for everyone.”

    According to Billboard, “Machika” has been rumored to be in the running to be used as a World Cup song. That makes sense, given the track’s high energy, fusion of cultures, and international appeal.

    Watch the video for “Machika” above download the track and its remixes on DJcity.

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  • Chuckie and ChildsPlay Return With ‘Traphall 6’ EP

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    Chuckie at Create Nightclub in Los Angeles. (Oh Dag Yo Photo)

    Dutch legend Chuckie and trio ChildsPlay have returned with a new installment of their eclectic Traphall series. As its name suggests, the project combines elements of trap and dancehall, along with other styles.

    Download our favorite tune from the EP, “Big Bumpa,” exclusively on DJcity, and stream the other tracks below.

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  • DJcity Premiere: Chuckie and Hardwell’s ‘Move It 2 the Drum’ Remixed by Landis

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    Landis performs at EDC Las Vegas. (Facebook)
    Chuckie and Hardwell‘s 2010 single “Move It 2 the Drum” has been remixed by rising DJ/producer Landis. The Miami native’s rework is a dark yet energetic update to the original progressive house song.
    Chuckie wrote on his Facebook page: “Sometimes someone sends you a great remix of a classic track on your label and you want everyone to hear it.”
    Stream the remix below and download it first on DJcity.

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  • Watch Chuckie’s Set for Pioneer’s DJsounds Show

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    Chuckie’s last set for Pioneer’s “DJsounds” show has received a million YouTube views since being uploaded two years ago. That, coupled with the Dutchman’s talent and legendary status, was reason enough for Pioneer to invite him back for a second mix last week. Chuckie put down an hour of house and tech house this time around and even got busy with a little scratching near the end (around 49 minutes in). Watch the interview and full set above.
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  • Listen to ChildsPlay & Chuckie’s ‘Bruk Out’

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    In December, Dutch trio ChildsPlay and veteran DJ/producer Chuckie released their innovative Traphall EP that blends trap, dancehall, hip-hop, reggae, and house. Inspired by feedback from fans, the duo has returned with a second installment via Chuckie’s Dirty Dutch Music label. One of our favorite tunes from the project is “Bruk Out” — an energetic vocal track with a strong dancehall vibe.
    Download: ChildsPlay & Chuckie – Bruk Out
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  • Chuckie and ChildsPlay Blend Trap and Dancehall with New ‘Traphall’ EP

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    Chuckie has teamed up with Dutch trio ChildsPlay for a new EP that blends trap with dancehall and reggae. Released on his label, Dirty Dutch Music, Traphall marks a change of pace from Chuckie’s previous single, “Vamonos.” The genre-blending project is unlike anything we’ve heard from the legendary DJ/producer.
    Listen to the full EP below:

    Download: Chuckie & ChildsPlay – Insane
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  • Chuckie’s ‘Vamonos’ with Kronic & Krunk! Premiered on BBC Radio 1

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    UPDATE: “Vamonos” is now available on DJcity
    Legendary DJ/producer Chuckie has released a preview of his new collaboration with Australia’s Kronic & Krunk! called “Vamonos.” The track blends Dirty Dutch with Melbourne Bounce stylings and has received support from Showtek, Laidback Luke and Dyro.
    “Vamonos” drops October 31 and is the first release on Chuckie’s recently relaunched label, Dirty Dutch Music.
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