Chris Karns

Chris Karns Discusses His Live Setup for Pretty Lights

Chris Karns

Chris Karns
Chris Karns performs with Pretty Lights in Morrison, Colorado in 2016. (photo credit: Jesse Borrell)

Serato recently caught up with former DMC World Champion, Chris Karns, who’s currently on tour with the Pretty Lights band. The Denver native has been working with the group for the past three years.

Karns discussed how his approach to DJing has changed since joining the band, the various components of his setup, and how he uses Serato DJ. Specifically, Karns explained how he uses the Pitch ‘n Time expansion pack and Ableton Link.

In addition to the interview, Karns put together an eclectic hour-long set for the SeratoCast.

Watch the convo and stream the mix below.

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Chris Karns Performs With Reloop’s Mixon 4

Chris Karns

Reloop has shared a video of former DMC World Champion Chris Karns rocking a routine with their Mixon 4 controller. The one-minute performance, which features a jazzy instrumental, contains cue point juggling and scratching.

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Chris Karns Publicly Apologizes to Vekked

Chris Karns
Chris Karns opens for Pretty Lights at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. (Michael Hobby)

Former DMC World Champion Chris Karns has issued a public apology to current DMC World Champion Vekked for negative comments he made about him a few months ago. The statement was posted on Karns’ personal Facebook account on Monday.

Karns wrote:

“Being able to humble yourself and admit when you were wrong can be very difficult sometimes. With that being said, I would like to publicly apologize to Jake Vekked Meyer for my words and actions towards him. Although I may not have started it, I continued it long after Jake made many attempts to make it right. I wrote Jake an angry reply in which I said some very harsh things. Those words were made public a few months back, and I’m glad they were, because it made me realize that the way I was behaving towards him was not the way I want to behave towards anybody in this life, and is not a reflection of who I am trying very hard to be as a person. I reached out to Jake privately about this already and we are on good terms now, but I felt it was only right to let everyone else know as well. Both Jake and I share a common love, which is the art form of turntable music. I will no longer let my pride and ego cloud the fact that he and I are on the same team, and working towards the same goals, which is to advance the turntable as a musical instrument. So Jake, I am truly sorry for the things I said to you that were fueled by my jealousy and animosity towards your successes. Thank you for forgiving me and allowing us both to move forward and build the turntablism community up together instead of creating division amongst our fans and peers. Much respect.”

Karns’ apology has received an outpouring of support, including from Vekked himself, who posted the following response:

“Shout out to the big homie Chris Karns for being a genuine dude :). Obviously a lot of people saw our falling out pretty publicly but he was a big enough man to hit me up privately and we hashed it out privately. I can’t say much more than he’s already said, and we’re good now so I’m not gonna dwell on it. Peace and love!!”

There’s been a lot of conflict and division within the DJ community in recent years, so it’s great to Karns and Vekked squash the beef.

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Listen to Chris Karns’ SeratoCast Mix

Chris Karns
Chris Karns performing at Skratch Lounge.
The legendary DJ QBert once praised Chris Karns as his “favorite DJ in the world right now.” We don’t know Q’s justification, but Karns’ ability to rock parties and go head-to-head with the world’s best turntablists likely has something to do with it. In addition to serving as Yelawolf’s tour DJ, the Colorado native has won a DMC World Championship, multiple Red Bull Thre3style battles, and was a finalist in VH1’s “Master of the Mix” competition.
Adding to his already impressive resume, Karns has delivered an hour-long mix for Serato that exemplifies his versatile approach to DJing. The open-format session includes both new and classic tracks, along with creative blends and of course, skilled turntablism.

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Chris Karns vs. Skratch Bastid

When turntablists Chris Karns and Skratch Bastid get together you know something dope is going to happen. For their latest video collaboration, the two champions connect for a quick scratch battle which features an unreleased track by JayCeeOh & B-Sides titled, “Ambition.”
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Watch Chris Karns’ MikiDz Show Performance

As one of the busiest and most versatile DJs in the game, Chris Karns (formerly known as DJ Vajra) is best known for being a finalist in this season of VH1’s Master of the Mix and as Yelawolf’s tour DJ.
On Monday night, he rocked the MikiDz Show and dropped a bunch of exclusive edits and remixes that we’ve never heard before. Karns wrapped up the show by bringing out DJ Spryte and DJ Dini for a dope scratch session which we’ll upload later this week. Watch his entire set and interview below in the meantime.
Shouts to Dynamix, Big Once, Kid Cut Up, Scene, and everyone else who held down the chat room. A special thanks goes out to Serato for helping spread the word.
Chris Karns 60 minute set

Chris Karns interview


Karns leaves his mark on the “Door of Fame”

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