Listen to Chris Karns’ SeratoCast Mix

Chris Karns
Chris Karns performing at Skratch Lounge.
The legendary DJ QBert once praised Chris Karns as his “favorite DJ in the world right now.” We don’t know Q’s justification, but Karns’ ability to rock parties and go head-to-head with the world’s best turntablists likely has something to do with it. In addition to serving as Yelawolf’s tour DJ, the Colorado native has won a DMC World Championship, multiple Red Bull Thre3style battles, and was a finalist in VH1’s “Master of the Mix” competition.
Adding to his already impressive resume, Karns has delivered an hour-long mix for Serato that exemplifies his versatile approach to DJing. The open-format session includes both new and classic tracks, along with creative blends and of course, skilled turntablism.

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