Review: Lexdray Ibiza Pack

Lexdray Ibiza Pack
We were recently on the hunt for a new DJ bag and came across Lexdray’s “Ibiza Pack.” Our intent was to find a high-end bag with a lot of room and style, and the Ibiza Pack’s hefty price tag of $425 caught our attention. Although it looks similar to Mono Case’s “Fly By” bag, the Ibiza is more functional and constructed with higher-quality materials. Here’s what we found.
Its outer layer is made of ballistic nylon and waterproof fabric, the interior is lined with high-quality nylon, and the laptop compartment is made with super-soft fleece. We put the zippers through a rugged test-drive and had no issues with them breaking or getting caught on anything. The stitching is also top-notch, and there are more than enough pockets. All the pack’s hardware is military-grade.
Ibiza Pack
The best thing about the Ibiza Pack is the amount of space and compartments it has. Thanks to its 15 pockets (seven exterior and eight interior), we were able to store all our DJ-related tools along with extra travel accessories. The bag is divided into three main compartments, each with a specific storage purpose: needle cases, 12” vinyl and audio cables. Additional compartments for accessories like business cards, keys, and an iPad make the bag even more versatile. It also has a Velcro handle (for tote-style carrying) and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort and support.
Ibiza Pack (inside)
Lexdray recognizes the benefit of offering limited edition products, so they only manufacture 300 packs at a time. This means that while the current Ibiza Pack features an olive colorway, each run has a different scheme. The company’s Creative Director Alex Drayer told us that they also switch up other features from time to time, such as the lining and zippers.
In terms of size, the Ibiza isn’t a big turtle-shell looking backpack, but it isn’t a slim inconspicuous bag either. Its dimensions are 13 inches wide, 19 inches tall and 7 inches deep.
Ibiza Pack
Although it’s expensive, the Ibiza Pack is a great choice for any DJ that travels with a lot of accessories on a regular basis. It’s TSA compliant, spacious and built for rugged use. The bag’s stylish design adds a cherry on top. However, DJs that perform with minimal setups, such as CDJs, might find the Ibiza Pack to be overkill.
Get more information about the Ibiza Pack at Lexdray’s website.