MIDI Mapping Pitched Cue Points in Serato DJ

Denon DJ’s MCX8000 controller has a new feature called “Pitch Play,” which enables DJs to play pitched cue points as they would with notes on a keyboard. While the feature is currently only available on the 8000, German inventor Radikarl has made a MIDI mapping for Serato DJ that brings similar functionality to other hardware, like Pioneer DJ’s DJM-S9.

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  • Gregory djlazyboy Sherrell

    Mojaxx, Thank you for this tutorial. I am wondering, do you have your “shift” button midi mapped to your “Roll/1” button? I saw you switch to user mode without hitting the shift button and was wondering if that was what you did.

    many regards,


    • radikarl77

      That’s a simple checkbox setting in the S9 driver panel

  • Mikkel Vinther Thomsen

    Anyone who have succes chancing the semitones from 2’4′ 5’7’9’11’12 to 1’2’3’4’5’6’7 ?? I have tried but the file stopped working after i did the cange in the xml file

    • radikarl77

      That should work
      Value 10 seems broken but all other values work for me

    • radikarl77

      Just usw a proper text editor
      Text Wrangler is good
      Text Edit / Notepad will add hidden stuff and break the file

  • Lyric Le’son

    I want ti map my MPD 226 (akai) but have no idea how to map on PC….

    help me out

    • radikarl77

      – map the first cue point of left deck, like Mojaxx does in the video at the 5:13 timestamp.
      write down the values shown in the blue box. In his example it’s channel 10, note 49.
      – repeat for all 16 buttons you need.
      – now you need a good text editor
      – work your way trough the mapping file and edit the notes and channels
      from top to bottom, my mapping file has
      delete cue 8 on left deck
      pad 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 on left deck
      delete cue 8 on right deck
      pad 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 on left deck

      so a total of 18 times

      you want to change all those 18 lines – where X and Y are the values you need to replace with what you get from the blue box in Serato DJ

  • Djay PickUp (PickUp13)

    How to Mapping on DDj SP1 ?

  • And

    hello Mojaxx, downloaded and dragged xml for the midi folder, loaded the midi in serato dj settings when more grip roll does not appear the user 2 option, esou doing in s9, you can help me, thanks

  • djakaking

    hey can you tell me how to use this function midi mapping with novation launch key mini.thanks


    check out this lil routine I did using only 2 samples and a drum loop with the pitch n time MIDI mapping for Rane 62: