DJ RENA Wins DMC World Championship at 12 Years Old


DJ RENA at the DMC World Championship in London. (Photo source: Instagram)

Twenty years after 15-year-old A-Trak became the youngest DJ to win the DMC World Championship, 12-year-old DJ RENA took the crown in London on Sunday.

The Japanese turntablist beat Frenchman DJ Skillz and New Zealander and current DMC Online Champion DJ Spell who placed second and third, respectively. RENA’s win marks the second year running that a Japanese DJ has triumphed in the battle. DJ Yuto won in 2016.

The DMC World Supremacy title was secured by another one of their countrymen, DJ Yukichi, who beat DJ Dwells from the U.S. using real vinyl and no DVS system.

Rane were the main sponsors of the event, with RENA winning a unique gold SEVENTY-TWO mixer, and DJ Yukichi taking home a TWELVE turntable with a one-off gold vinyl disc.

Watch RENA’s set below.

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2017 DMC Online DJ Championship Begins March 15

DJ Brace

DMC Online DJ Championship

The DMC has announced that entries for the 2017 DMC Online DJ Championship will be accepted starting March 15. Voting for the first round will begin April 12.

The contest is open to turntablists worldwide and consists of seven rounds. The winner of the final round will receive prizes from Rane and be flown to London for a chance to compete in the DMC World DJ Championship.

DJs are free to use the equipment of their choice. However, the winner of the online battle will be required to use a predetermined setup in the world championship in London.

This year, DMC has consolidated all of the online categories into one. There will no longer be separate categories for single, team, and visual DJs.

According to the contest’s website:

“DMC decided to concentrate the web site on one ONLINE DJ CHAMPIONSHIP and have cancelled all other categories.

When the Championship re-launches in 2017, singles, teams, visual DJs, scratching and all age groups and styles will become part of the one contest rather than dilute the status of the main contest through too many smaller off-shoots.

We will however maintain a platform for anyone to upload their work as a creative outlet for viewing, comments, discussions and advancement of DJ art.”

Check out DMC’s promo video and schedule below.

Uploading begins: March 15
Round 1: April 12 – April 26
Round 2: April 26 – May 10
Round 3: May 10 – May 24
Round 4: May 24 – June 7
Round 5: June 7 – June 21
Round 6: June 21 – July 5
Online Final: July 26
Online Final results: August 2

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DJ Yuto’s Winning DMC World Championships Routine

DJ Yuto

The DMC has posted a video of DJ Yuto‘s winning routine from the 2016 DMC World DJ Championships, which took place in London on September 24.

Canada’s DJ Brace and the USA’s DJ Traps came in at second and third place, respectively.

Though praised for its technical ability, Yuto’s performance has also been criticized by some fans for its “button pushing.”

Christie Z. Pabon, CEO of DMC USA, defended Yuto’s set on Facebook.

“At no point at any time should the term ‘button pusher’ ever be used on an actual DMC champion on any level,” Pabon wrote. “They are called turntablists, my friend. No one wins a DMC with ‘button pushing.’ Some may not like the selection of a DJ but I would encourage anyone to duplicate this routine at home, just to see how much skill it took to win.”

Watch Yuto’s full performance above.

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Japan’s DJ Yuto Wins DMC World Championship

DJ Yuto

DJ Yuto

Japanese turntablist DJ Yuto won the 2016 DMC World Championship in London on Saturday night. The Tokyo native was followed by Canada’s DJ Brace and the USA’s DJ Traps in second and third place, respectively.

Brazil’s DJ Erick Jay won the Battle for World Supremacy and France’s DJ FLY and DJ Netik won the World Team Championship.

Yuko’s “Can’t Stop” routine, which was released in December, is one of the most viewed videos of all time on DJcityTV.

Watch a report from Al Jazeera below, which features an interview with DMC judge Jon1st.

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