DJ Dubl

Charlie Sloth Interview With DJ Dubl

London’s DJ Dubl sat down with Charlie Sloth to talk about his new album “The Plug”, which he produced himself and features the biggest names in UK rap and grime, as well as diversifying the sound of the album, bringing in afrobeat artists, making RnB and even producing a reggae record with Donaeo and Konshens!

Charlie also talks about balancing his career in music with being a Dad, working 18 hour days, and how he went from being broke and living in a shed to being the powerhouse in UK rap that he is today. Watch his interview above.

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Lethal Bizzle’s Interview With DJ Dubl

Lethal Bizzle sits down with London’s DJ Dubl to talk about his journey in Grime. They discuss how being a millionaire has changed his attitude towards music, the difference between Lethal Bizzle and Lethal B, who he’d most like to collaborate with, why his delayed album is called “Lennox Road”, and the reason he took his business marketing to social media platforms. He also gives us an update on the lost verse by Jay Z on his classic grime anthem “Pow”!

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Swizz Beatz Interview With DJ Dubl

London’s DJ Dubl is back with his latest interview, this time with Swizz Beatz to talk about his “No Commission” art movement. He also discusses DMX’s classic “FOMFBOMB” album, confirming that it was made in just 30 days and that the rumour that Lyor Cohen offered DMX $1 million if he completed the album in a month are true!

Swizz also talks about what he knows about the UK and announces that he just made two records with UK’s very own Giggs!

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WSTRN Interview With DJ Dubl

Akelle Charles and Haile from WSTRN dropped in to see DJ Dubl. They talk about their latest single and working under a major label vs being independent artists. They also talk about whether they feel under pressure to deliver a hit as successful as “In2” and if they ever feel their solo careers conflict the goals moving as a collective.

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Kent Jones Interview With DJ Dubl

This week’s interview from DJ Dubl is with DJ Khaled’s artist Kent Jones! They talk about how and when he met Khaled, “Don’t Mind” being a platinum single, and getting sample clearance from Earth Wind & Fire for his new single “Alright”.

They discuss working with fellow WTB artist Mavado and he also confirms that Ace Hood is no longer affiliated in any way to We The Best Music.

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