DJcity Trends for Oct. 2018

DJcity Trends

DJcity Trends is a monthly collection of tracks intended to help DJs discover new and buzzing club music. They are hand-picked by influential DJs from around the world.

View the October 2018 edition of DJcity Trends here.

October’s contributors:

Chris Styles, mixer at SiriusXM’s The Heat and D.C.’s WPGC 95.5 and 94.7 Fresh FM
First Choice, mixer at New York’s Power 105.1
Gavin Francis, Belgium representative at DJcity; recording artist at Dienstag Records
Klutch, member of Electric Bodega
Mind Motion, member of Pirate DJs crew
Play, UK director of DJcity
R-Tistic, 2014 McDonald’s Flavor Battle champion
Santarosa, Latin director at DJcity; mixer at SiriusXM’s Globalization
Scene, recording artist at Fool’s Gold
Styles Davis, national director at DJcity

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