Beatsource LINK Announces Integration With Hercules’ DJ Controllers

Beatsource LINK x Hercules

Following its recent launch with VirtualDJ, Beatsource LINK has announced an integration with Hercules’ DJUCED 5 performance software. DJUCED is included with Hercules‘ DJ controllers and is used by over 650,000 users worldwide.

Beatsource LINK, which launched in early May, lets DJs stream millions of tracks and access hundreds of curated playlists in their performance software. Premium subscriptions offer Beatsource’s patented offline locker, which enables DJs to perform without an internet connection.

Beatport LINK, which is based on the same technology as Beatsource LINK, is also available in DJUCED 5.

Beatsource LINK can also be used with Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox 6.0.1, Algoriddim’s djay and djay Pro, and VirtualDJ. More integrations are scheduled for this year.

A free trial of LINK is available on Beatsource’s website. Learn how to use LINK with Hercules here.

Check out VirtualDJ’s introduction video below. Note that it shows Beatport LINK, which, as mentioned above, is built on the same technology as Beatsource LINK. Beatport LINK, however, offers a dance and electronic-centric catalog, whereas Beatsource LINK provides a wide variety of genres.

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