Native Instruments Introduces Traktor Kontrol S5

Native Instruments has introduced the Traktor Kontrol S5 — a new portable, Stems-ready four-channel DJ system.
The modern decks provide the tools for instant edits, mashups, acapellas, and more overall creative control.
Some standout features on the system include two high-res displays, touch-sensitive controls, performance modes, and multipurpose touch strips, allowing you to shape your sound.
The S5 costs $799 and is available to pre-order on Native Instruments’ website.
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Is Native Instruments’ Stems the Format of the Future?

We’ve been eager to experiment with Native Instruments’ new Stems file format since it was announced back in March. Now that it’s finally here, DJcityTV’s Mojaxx has been playing with it around the clock.
In case you haven’t heard, Stems is Native Instruments’ attempt to create the first format specifically for DJ use. In a nutshell, it enables DJs to mix and blend four elements of a track.
DJs and producers will be able to assemble their own files with the Stems Creator Tool, which will be released soon.
So far, the only DJ software that supports Stems is Traktor. It’s possible that other companies might support it in the future, though.
Watch our review above and let us know if we should carry Stems on DJcity and if you would pay extra for them.
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A First Look at Native Instruments’ Stems File Format

With Native Instruments’ Stems file format set to launch in August, the company has released a first-look video of the potentially game-changing technology.
Announced in March, Stems was developed to help DJs get more creative with their mixes by providing access to the individual elements of songs, like the bass, drums, melody, vocals, etc. The new format enables DJs to create instant track edits, blends, acapellas, and more.
Watch the demo above and be on the lookout for Stems in the next version of Traktor Pro 2.
Also, stay tuned for a thorough review of Stems from DJcityTV’s Mojaxx.
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Interview with Rekord Buddy Creator Damien Sirkis

Rekord Buddy is a software application that helps DJs sync their music libraries between Traktor and rekordbox. The next version, which is expected to be released sometime this year, will add much-needed support for Serato DJ.
DJcityTV’s Mojaxx spoke with Damien Sirkis from Next Audio Labs, the company that makes Rekord Buddy, to find out what to expect from version 2.0 and why it’s taking so long to finish. The interview was filmed at the legendary DJWORX lab in Yorkshire, England.
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Review: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol D2

Native Instruments is on a mission to be “the future of DJing” and its new Traktor Kontrol D2 controller is part of that plan. A modular version of the deck found on the all-in-one S8 controller, the company designed the D2 to be used alongside existing mixers. DJcityTV’s Mojaxx spent a week with the device to find out what it’s capable of and gave us a full report.
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Native Instruments Announces Traktor Kontrol D2

Native Instruments D2
A week after introducing a new file format for DJs, Native Instruments announced Tuesday a new device called the Traktor Kontrol D2.
The D2 is a modular deck that’s intended to be used alongside existing mixers and is identical to that of the S8 all-in-one controller, which includes two decks and a mixer.
Billed as a “next-generation deck,” the D2 is designed to work with Native Instruments’ new Stems file format, which enables DJs to interact with different elements of a song on the fly.
Although it lacks a jog wheel, it can be used as part of a DVS system for scratch control.
The D2 costs $499 and can be preordered on Native Instruments’ website.
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