• Review: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S5

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    Native Instruments’ new Traktor Kontrol S5 controller follows in the footsteps of its relatives, the S8 and D2. It is essentially a more stripped-down and portable version of the larger S8, which despite all its features, is a pain to travel with.
    Watch Mojaxx’s review of the S5 above in this week’s episode of Tips & Tricks.
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  • Shiftee Demonstrates Native Instruments’ Stems

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    A lot has been written about Native Instruments’ new Stems format, but there are only a few videos of turntablists using it in action. Thankfully, two-time DMC World DJ Champion Shiftee has just posted a short video of him putting the format to the test.
    Watch above as the New York DJ/producer performs a routine based on Curl Up’s future bass song, “Frozen Shell.” Shiftee uses two Technics turntables, one Traktor Kontrol Z2 mixer, and two Traktor Kontrol D2 controllers in conjunction with Stems.
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  • Native Instruments Launches Stems Creator Tool

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    Stems Creator Tool
    When Native Instruments launched its new Stems file format earlier this month, there were only a handful of artists and labels that were offering their songs in the format.
    That’s likely to change, though, as the German company today released a public beta of their Stems Creator Tool. Now any artist and label can offer their tracks as Stems.
    As some experts have pointed out, it’s essential that more content creators offer their tracks as Stems if the format is going to catch on. Today’s release of the Stems Creator Tool is a big move in the right direction.
    Native Instruments also released a tutorial video on how to create Stems, which you can watch below.
    Do you think we should offer Stems on DJcity? If so, would you pay extra for them? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Is Native Instruments’ Stems the Format of the Future?

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    We’ve been eager to experiment with Native Instruments’ new Stems file format since it was announced back in March. Now that it’s finally here, DJcityTV’s Mojaxx has been playing with it around the clock.
    In case you haven’t heard, Stems is Native Instruments’ attempt to create the first format specifically for DJ use. In a nutshell, it enables DJs to mix and blend four elements of a track.
    DJs and producers will be able to assemble their own files with the Stems Creator Tool, which will be released soon.
    So far, the only DJ software that supports Stems is Traktor. It’s possible that other companies might support it in the future, though.
    Watch our review above and let us know if we should carry Stems on DJcity and if you would pay extra for them.
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  • Native Instruments Launches ‘Stems’ File Format

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    After months of anticipation, Native Instruments has launched their new “Stems” file format. The potentially game-changing technology is now available via a free update to Traktor Pro.
    Announced in March, Stems enables DJs to access the individual elements of songs, such as the bass, drums, melody, vocals, etc. As of right now, it is only available to users of Traktor Kontrol S8, D2, and F1.
    To accompany the launch, Native Instruments also released a video of German DJ/producer NGHT DRPS performing with Stems. You can watch his two-minute routine above.
    Visit Native Instruments’ website to learn more and get discounts on Stems-ready controllers.
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  • A First Look at Native Instruments’ Stems File Format

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    With Native Instruments’ Stems file format set to launch in August, the company has released a first-look video of the potentially game-changing technology.
    Announced in March, Stems was developed to help DJs get more creative with their mixes by providing access to the individual elements of songs, like the bass, drums, melody, vocals, etc. The new format enables DJs to create instant track edits, blends, acapellas, and more.
    Watch the demo above and be on the lookout for Stems in the next version of Traktor Pro 2.
    Also, stay tuned for a thorough review of Stems from DJcityTV’s Mojaxx.
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  • Native Instruments Unveils New Audio Format

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    Native Instruments has unveiled a new file format that enables DJs, producers, and live performers to mix with a track’s different musical elements. The format, which is called “Stems,” was announced at Miami’s Winter Music Conference on Friday.
    Their press release says:

    “A Stem file allows DJs and live performers to interact with different musical elements of a track independently by accessing four different ‘stem’ parts such as the bass, drums, melody, or vocals. This type of mixing introduces new performance possibilities and enriches the listening experience for music lovers. As a premium file format, Stems can also create new revenue streams for music labels and online retailers to grow their business. Developed by software and hardware DSP specialists Native Instruments, Stems is an open file format designed to benefit the entire music industry.”

    Stems is open format, which means anyone will be able to create, perform with, and distribute them. Producers, DJs, and labels will be able to author their own Stem files using a free standalone application. Additionally, developers will have full access to format specifications and code examples so they can integrate Stem support into their products.
    Select artists, labels, production companies and Native Instruments will begin supporting Stems in coming months. A website containing all technical specifications, source code, tutorials, and downloads will launch in June.
    Here’s what some DJs have said about Stems so far:
    DJ Craze
    “The Stems format is very exciting to me because I come from the generation where records have 1/Instrumental/Acapella and Dubapellas, so now I’ll be able to get way more creative with my sets and have fun combining elements from tunes I like.”
    “Stems is just what the industry needed. It will change the way music is mixed down from a producer’s standpoint. It will make producers think more about what they are actually doing when they make music for DJs to play.”
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