Review: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol D2

Native Instruments is on a mission to be “the future of DJing” and its new Traktor Kontrol D2 controller is part of that plan. A modular version of the deck found on the all-in-one S8 controller, the company designed the D2 to be used alongside existing mixers. DJcityTV’s Mojaxx spent a week with the device to find out what it’s capable of and gave us a full report.
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Native Instruments Announces Traktor Kontrol D2

Native Instruments D2
A week after introducing a new file format for DJs, Native Instruments announced Tuesday a new device called the Traktor Kontrol D2.
The D2 is a modular deck that’s intended to be used alongside existing mixers and is identical to that of the S8 all-in-one controller, which includes two decks and a mixer.
Billed as a “next-generation deck,” the D2 is designed to work with Native Instruments’ new Stems file format, which enables DJs to interact with different elements of a song on the fly.
Although it lacks a jog wheel, it can be used as part of a DVS system for scratch control.
The D2 costs $499 and can be preordered on Native Instruments’ website.
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