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Destructo Talks DJ AM, Real DJs, Blending Hip-Hop and Dance Music, and More

Destructo and Too $hort

Destructo and Too $hort. (Photo source: Facebook)

HARD Fest founder, DJ, and producer Destructo stopped by Power 106 on Tuesday to announce the lineup for this year’s HARD Summer festival. The Los Angeles native, who worked at the station in the ’90s, discussed a variety of topics relating to DJ culture and the convergence of hip-hop and dance music.

The interview began with host J Cruz asking Destructo who his favorite DJs are.

“One of my heroes as a DJ was DJ AM,” Destructo answered. “I think he was one of the first superstar DJs, so I always give him props and respect for crossing over. He was that first guy to break through in Vegas. He blended stuff like rock and rap. He’s a DJ’s DJ, a real DJ.”

Destructo recalled his most memorable moment with AM, his performance at the first HARD Haunted Mansion in 2008.

“[AM] had the [Daft Punk] helmet and everything and he went on [stage] and started playing every Daft Punk song,” Destructo recalled. “I was like, ‘Oh my god. Daft Punk is gonna get really mad at me.’ It kinda looked like we were like punking the audience. But then about 40 minutes in he took the helmet off and hit the Speak & Spell [that said] DJ AM.”

Cruz followed up by asking Destructo if he thinks DJs get enough respect these days.

“Oh yeah, 100%. I think they might be respected a little too much,” Destructo said with a laugh. “We got it so good. Be happy. Don’t take it for granted because I’d been around for 20 years when nobody liked DJs and nobody gave a f#ck about it, and now everybody’s into it. And I think a lot of DJs; they take that for granted.”

Speaking about HARD Fest, Destructo explained how it’s different from other festivals.

“It’s like I’m bringing [Los Angeles] to the rest of the world because I think my perspective on music is completely different than anyone else’s in electronic music,” Destructo said. “And it’s from growing up here [and] listening to this station.”

He added:

“I blend all kinds of weird things together that no one would think [of]. The first HARD [festival] we did [featured] Justice. 2 Live Crew played. Steve Aoki played the second one. I had N.E.R.D. We had Pharrell. And this was in 2008, and now everyone’s like, ‘Put electronic and rap together,’ and [I’m] like, ‘Where have you guys been?'”

In a larger sense, Destructo believes hip-hop and electronic music are one in the same.

“Rap music to me is electronic music,” Destructo said. “It’s made with the same computers and machines, it’s just got different flavor.”

Even the meaning behind the name of his new EP, Renegade, fits in line with his open-format philosophy.

“I feel like the people that like my music, the people who come to my shows, they’re renegades because they’re open to something new and trying something different,” Destructo said.

Watch the full 25-minute interview below and download Destructo’s single “All Nite” featuring E-40 and Too $hort on DJcity.

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DJ Mustard Discusses Why He Works With EDM Artists

DJ Mustard
A day after releasing his Travis Scott-assisted single “Whole Lotta Lovin’,” DJ Mustard stopped by The Cruz Show on Power 106 to catch up and discuss the collab.
The Los Angeles producer also spoke on why he’s branching out from hip-hop. “Once you start doing the same thing over and over, they start to notice, and they don’t care about you no more,” Mustard said. “I talked to Timbaland for a long time and he was like, ‘You gotta just switch up. You gotta do what you wanna do.'”
However, Mustard admitted that not all of his fans support his work in EDM. “Why can’t I do EDM? Is it because I’m black or something?,” he said with a laugh.
Mustard also discussed his start as a DJ and how it’s helped him as a producer. “I never knew I was going to be a producer. I always just wanted to be a good DJ.” He continued: “All the great producers were DJs. Dr. Dre was a DJ. Lil Jon is a DJ. Khaled is a DJ.”
Watch the full interview below.

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Joey Bada$$ Freestyles Over Tupac Beats

Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ stopped by Power 106’s “The Cruz Show” on Tuesday and freestyled over four classic Tupac beats in celebration of the late rapper’s birthday. Watch above as Joey gets busy over “I Get Around,” “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” aka “Gangsta Party,” “Ambitionz Az a Ridah,” and “Hail Mary.”
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Listen to Major Lazer’s Mix and Interview for Power 106

Major Lazer
Major Lazer’s Diplo and Walshy Fire with Power 106 host J Cruz. (Power 106)
After releasing their new album Peace is the Mission on Monday, Major Lazer’s Diplo and Walshy Fire stopped by Los Angeles’ Power 106 today to catch up and drop a mix.
The two members spoke with “The Cruz Show” about a variety of topics, including their Snapchat strategy and the album’s features. Most interestingly, Diplo revealed that Major Lazer recorded a song with The Weeknd, but it wasn’t finished in time to make the album.
You can watch a segment of the interview or stream the audio of the entire show below.


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Dillon Francis on Going from Club Promoter to Festival Headliner

After dropping a mix for Power 106’s “The Cruz Show” on Thursday, EDM superstar Dillon Francis spoke with the station about his beginnings as a club promoter and opening DJ.
Francis, who used to open for Power 106’s DJ Reflex in Hollywood, said he got into production so that Steve Aoki would hire him to play at his weekly party. The 27-year-old also discussed his relationship with his family and how he met Diplo.
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Watch Mark Ronson and Mystikal Perform ‘Feel Right’ on Power 106

Mark Ronson and veteran rapper Mystikal stopped by Los Angeles’ Power 106 on Friday to perform “Feel Right” on “The Cruz Show.” The performance featured Ronson on the turntables and Mystikal on the mic, almost as if channeling James Brown.
“Feel Right” is the third single off of Ronson’s Uptown Special album and was one of the most downloaded songs on DJcity in December.
Download: Mark Ronson ft. Mystikal – Feel Right
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