Apple Is Now Using Shazam To Identify Tracks in Mixes

(Source: Apple Music)

Apple has announced that its Apple Music service is debuting a new process using Shazam to identify tracks in DJ mixes. In addition to helping listeners find new music, the process will also serve to ensure that rights holders get compensated fairly for the use of their tracks.

“We’ve created a tool, where effectively we let DJ mixes run through the Shazam technology and Shazam identifies exactly what’s in a mix and they do that with a very, very high degree of success,” says Oliver Schusser, Apple’s Vice President of Apple Music and Beats told Billboard. “For a lot of dance music and DJs who make music, the music never really found it to streaming services because there just wasn’t a great process for how labels could clear the music that’s in a DJ mix, because the labels or the distributors didn’t know what was in the mix.”

Schusser added that Apple Music has around 1,200 mixes currently available, having received over 300 million streams. In addition, Apple Music subscribers can save individual songs from mixes directly to their Apple Music library. And though the mix program is currently heavily curated, and therefore limited, the company says it plans to expand the available catalog of mixes.

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