Take a Look Inside deadmau5’s Home Studio

Deadmau5 recently invited Linus Sebastian, who runs a popular technology channel on YouTube, to take a tour of his home studio in Canada.

The video provides an extensive look at mau5’s state-of-the-art space, which has been under construction for three years.

The studio, which is located in the house’s master bedroom, is suspended from what used to be a vaulted ceiling. It was done to improve the room’s acoustics and preserve its aesthetics (many of the cables are hidden under the floor).

In terms of equipment, the room is one of the only Dolby Atmos mix studios outside of Dolby itself. It contains nine custom-made ATC speakers that are positioned to produce 3D audio, a $500,000 Neve analog console, two walls of analog modular synthesizers, and over a dozen rare keyboard synths.

And if that wasn’t enough, “The mau5 House” also includes a server room in the basement, which powers his home network and graphics studio.

Watch the video above.

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