Mojaxx Reviews PLAYdifferently MODEL 1.4 Mixer

A few years after the release of the MODEL 1, techno legend Richie Hawtin and the PLAYdifferently team are back with the MODEL 1.4. Like its predecessor, the MODEL 1.4 was engineered by Andy Rigby-Jones, the mastermind behind Allen & Heath’s XONE series.

The 100% analogue build features two high-performance phono preamps, studio-grade 60mm faders, and more. The Mixer Link feature, as the name implies, allows for multiple mixers to be connected.

The MODEL 1.4 is available now at a suggested price of $2,299. Check it out here and watch Mojaxx‘s review above.

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Carl Cox Reveals His DJ Setup and Techniques

Canadian hardware maker PlayDifferently has caught up with renowned house DJ/producer, Carl Cox. The British native discussed his DJ setup, the process he goes through to create a set, as well as his preferred techniques when playing.

In an in-depth video, Cox revealed that his multiple-deck setup includes a pair of Pioneer CDJ200 Nexus, two Native Instruments D2 controllers, and a MODEL 1 mixer. The latter, which is an analog mixer by PlayDifferently, has allowed Cox to manipulate sounds in ways he hasn’t done before.

“This setup gives you so much ability to be creative,” he explains in the video. “I’ve been using this for about a year, with no desire to start introducing anything new.”

Watch above as Cox shows off his setup, his filtering techniques, and how he uses the MODEL 1 as an instrument.

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Review: PLAYdifferently MODEL 1 Mixer


PLAYdifferently is a new audio company founded on the belief that “the tools used to mix and perform should be as creative and as unique as the artists who use them.”

Their first product is a high-quality analog mixer, the MODEL 1. It was engineered by Andy Rigby-Jones, the mastermind behind Allen & Heath’s XONE series, and co-designed by techno DJ/producer Richie Hawtin.

“[The MODEL 1] offers some features that are completely unique in the DJ mixer world,” Mojaxx says. “There’s stuff on here that you just don’t see anywhere else.”

Watch his exclusive review of the MODEL 1 on this week’s Tips and Tricks.

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