Diplo to Join MK for Rare B2B Set at All My Friends Festival


Diplo at Echostage in Washington, DC on Sept. 14, 2019 (Source: Facebook)

Diplo has been added to the lineup of Destructo‘s second annual All My Friends festival, which goes down in Los Angeles on Oct. 19 and 20. The Mad Decent boss will join house legend MK for a rare B2B set.

The announcement follows the launch of Diplo and Mad Decent’s new house label imprint, Higher Ground, in August.

Diplo and MK won’t be the only high profile DJs to perform at All My Friends. The multi-talented Idris Elba will headline, along with legendary French duo Justice, and rising South African house star Black Coffee.

Grab tickets here and check the full lineup below.

All My Friends

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Watch MK, Jonas Blue, and Becky Hill’s ‘Back & Forth’ Video


MK, Jonas Blue, and Becky Hill have shared a bizarre video for their house anthem, “Back & Forth.” The track was one of the most-downloaded songs of September on DJcity and DJcity UK, ending at No. 15 and No. 7 respectively.

The weird visual shows a man struck down with a spastic looping condition while his wife struggles to figure out what it is.

“Back & Forth” is the second collaboration between MK and Becky Hill, following their 2016 single titled “Piece of Me.”

Watch the video above and download “Back & Forth” on DJcity.

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MK’s 10 Essential Festival Gadgets

MK performing at the Red Bull Guest House on Mar. 26, 2015 (Alex Markow)

House DJ/producer legend Marc Kinchen, aka MK, has had a back-to-back festival schedule this summer and just dropped a remix of Aurora’s “I Went Too Far.” Check out his ten essential festival gadgets below via Coach Mag.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones
“If anyone from Bose sees this, I need to say thank you. A lot. With all the travelling [sic] I have to do, these headphones have saved my life. I never leave home without them. I call them my plane savers.”

O2 4G WiFi Hotspot
“I always bring my hotspot with me on the road and especially to festivals – the backstage area is notorious for spotty service thanks to the amount of people trying to get online at the same time. With my own WiFi hotspot I can stay connected for everything – downloading a new mix, live streaming, even sharing things during the show.”

Digital Audio Recorder
“Everyone always asks me to record my sets, so I use this. Then I can bang them up onto SoundCloud.”

iPad Pro
“This is an essential travel tool for me as I like to watch movies and take pictures and this is so lightweight I can bring it on the road. It’s small, but at the same time almost like a giant iPhone, with incredible hi-res quality. You have to get on that new retina resolution. Amazing.”

mophie powerstation 8X External Battery
“How else am I gonna keep all these gadgets charged up?”

HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset
“When I heard that this VR headset was coming out, I couldn’t wait to get it. It makes playing games so realistic. If you can’t find me, I am definitely tucked away somewhere, losing myself in 3D.”

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset
“Man, this is going to make me sound like a total geek – two VR headsets! But I gotta tell the truth – after I am done with the HTC, you might find me with the Oculus Rift VR. Sorry, I can’t help it.”

“I love this thing, it’s such an awesome toy to have in my bag. Sometimes, after a show, I like to walk around the crowd and film them having a great time. Pure good vibes.”

USB Flash Drives Loaded With Songs
“Along with power strips, I carry a bunch of these just in case something goes wrong – power surge, drink falling on my laptop, any of the other 10,000 things that could happen. It’s become my safety net of sorts. As long as I have these, I can still play, keep the party going and make people dance.”

Roland TR-8 Drum Machine
“OK, so this hasn’t found its way to a festival just yet… This is a toy that brings me back to the sound of the 808. It’s in my studio waiting to break free. I have been thinking of bringing it on the road for a while now, so who knows when that may actually happen.”

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House Legend MK Discusses His Production Style and Staying Relevant

MK performing at Dollop’s New Year’s Eve 2014 party in London. (Facebook)
Marc Kinchen aka MK isn’t a household name, but the long-time producer has helped shape house music since the 1990s.
The Detroit native first came to prominence in the early ’90s with the Billboard chart-topping “Always” and “Love Changes,” and spent the rest of the decade producing numerous remixes.
By the 2000s, MK became an in-house producer for Pitbull and Will Smith, all while producing records under his own name. His most recent hit was a remix of Storm Queen’s “Look Right Through,” which reached number one on the UK Singles Chart.
Huffington Post recently caught up with MK before his performance at Detroit’s annual Movement Festival to discuss his production style, how he’s stayed relevant throughout the years, and why he keeps a low profile. Here’s our favorite quotes from the interview:
On why he decided to start DJing later in his career:

“I was producing for Pitbull. He was the last artist I was producing and I was actually one of his in-house producers, and I was working on that all the time. It got to the point where it was like a job. You really can’t be as creative as want when you are making music for other people. DJing was starting to get really big, and I started seeing more DJs being around Pitbull. I was around Afrojack a lot and he started taking off. Then, I thought maybe I should probably start DJing. That’s what did it. I think what sealed the deal was when Jamie Jones and Lee Foss got in touch with me and wanted me to play at one of their parties, and it was right when I was thinking about DJing, so I was like alright, I’m in.”

On having to remix records that aren’t good:

“I’ve done a lot of songs where the song was like garbage. I would like to name a couple but I don’t want offend anybody. There’s some out there. . . . What I try to do is, when I have a bad song, I try to take elements of the song and make a good melody, not so much make a good beat. Just make something that’s really melodic and catchy. You can pretty much do that with any song. If there’s a tone to it, you can do it.”

On influencing other producers:

“. . . The way I [remix] is not something that can be taught or even can’t be copied really. It’s just something I just feel. I’m not worried. I know I influence producers on making stuff and that’s great. I’m not worried about somebody doing what I do and leaving me in the dust.”

On whether he gets the credit that he deserves:

“I’m not the kind of guy who wants to be in the limelight and noticed for all the stuff I do. If anything, it’ll come out eventually if it needs to come out, but I’m not that type of person where I feel I need praise. . . . In any profession, it’s better to be under the radar. You can be excellent but if nobody is really looking for you than you can just do your thing. It’s a little harder now by being in the limelight a little more because now everyone’s kind of looking at me.”

On feeling the pressure to make a hit:

“Right now, the pressure is definitely coming up with a hit. The thing about with me, [Sony Music] wants stuff that can go straight to radio and I’m not always for that. I’m not against the radio, but I like it to happen organically. Like the song I did Storm Queen ‘Look Right Through’, if you heard that the very first time, you wouldn’t think that would be a #1 record on the pop charts, but it turned out being a #1 record because of the way it happened. I played it for two years literally on all my shows and it was the biggest song of the night every single show. Eventually, those thousands of people added up to being a lot of people that knew the record, so by that time, when it went to radio, it was like ‘I love this song. I heard it when MK played it.’ It feels better when songs happen that way.”

On staying relevant throughout the years:

“Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s very hard, but what seems to work every time is when I don’t think about other people or what other people want. You stay in the genre of what you’re doing, but I try to make something that I like. Usually when I like it, 100% of the time I haven’t been wrong, as it being a good record or not. I’ve done remixes where I’ve not been crazy about it, and it hasn’t done that well, but there’s been remixes I’ve made where I knew it was a great record before anyone heard it.”

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Watch MK Perform at Native Instruments’ WMC Event

MK performing at the Red Bull Guest House for Native Instruments’ WMC live stream (Alex Markow)
Winter Music Conference is currently going down in Miami, and there’s cool stuff happening every day. One event that caught our attention was a live stream on Thursday night at the Red Bull Guest House. The Native Instruments-hosted party featured performances from house and techno artists Marc Kinchen aka MK, Dubfire, and Uner. MK is a legend and his hour-long set is a must-listen for house fans. Watch it below.

You can also stream Dubfire and Uner’s sets here and here.
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Watch MK’s Set for Mixmag Live

House legend MK aka Marc Kinchen dropped an excellent set at London’s Village Underground on Saturday. The performance was live streamed by Mixmag and part of it has been uploaded to YouTube (Mixmag says the full set is coming soon).
MK has been on fire this past year — thanks to number one remixes of Storm Queen’s “Look Right Through” and Duke Dumont’s “I Got You.”

1. Rudimental – Powerless – MK Remix
2. Lee Foss & MK ft. Anabel Englund – Ghost In The System
3. Hot Natured ft. Anabel Englund – Reverse Skydiving – MK Remix
4. ID – ID 
5. KANT vs MK – Ey Yo
6. Sable Sheep – Fallen Lead Showers
7. Traumer – Hoodlum
8. SecondCity – I Wanna Feel
9. K.E.L.S.E.Y. – Boy – MK Remix
10. The Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On – MK The Dub Of Doom
11. Dusky – Yoohoo

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