KidCutUp Talks Touring With P!nk, Approach to Producing Edits: The 20 Podcast


Renowned DJ/producer KidCutUp sits down with DJ Spider on The 20 Podcast. The Milwaukie native discusses what it was like touring with P!nk on her record-breaking Beautiful Trauma World Tour, how he approaches producing edits, and more.

Watch the interview above. An audio version of the podcast is also available on all major platforms.

Hosted by DJ Spider, The 20 Podcast features conversations with influential DJs, producers, and other music industry professionals.

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KidCutUp: What I Learned From Touring With Pink

KidCutUp warms up the crowd for Pink at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. (Source: KidCutUp)

From March 1 to June 1, DJcity’s KidCutUp joined pop star Pink on her Beautiful Trauma tour. The Milwaukee native was the opening act at about 50 sold-out shows across the US, averaging 12,000 to 18,000 people a night. Now, after a few weeks off, CutUp is back on the road for the singer’s Australia tour. We spoke with him via email about what it was like touring with one of the world’s biggest pop stars.

What was the audience like?

Most of the audience is older than a typical bottle service club crowd, and there is a solid LGBT presence. It was a down-to-earth, fun party crowd. Surprisingly, it was pretty much the same whether we did large cities like New York or smaller markets like Wichita or Tulsa.

What was your set like?

Because the audience wasn’t the usual 20 something millennials, my set had a lot of classic, throwback party music. It was heavy on rock with a lot of old-school hip-hop as well. The audience’s taste was pretty wide, so I was looking to see which songs could bring people together instead of catering to certain parts of the crowd one track at a time. It was challenging. Sometimes it involved doing blends and intricately weaving tracks together, but it started with picking the right tunes in the first place.

Did you get nervous performing for such large audiences?

I felt less nervous on this tour than other ones I’ve done. Once I got in tune with the crowd, and the bulk of my set was dialed in, I knew it would work and how people would respond. There were so many people in the crowd that I couldn’t comprehend how many were actually there. My brain just considered it one giant bunch. Also, I worked on my set every day, so I felt pretty good about going up on stage.

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What was your setup?

I used two Technics 1200s, a Pioneer DJ DJM-S9, and a coat rack, because where else am I going to put my coat when I’m on stage? It was a simple setup without a full light show or crazy production. It came down to the actual DJing and connecting with the audience. I didn’t have much to hide behind up there!

What was your life on tour like?

Touring takes a bit of getting used to. As the opening act, I had an easier time than the crew. They were incredible to watch. They’re the first people in the building, getting the entire stage built and rigged up, and they’re the last to leave. On back-to-back show days, the only time the crew could rest was during the show itself and on the tour bus as we headed to the next city. Luckily, the routing wasn’t that brutal, and the tour was organized well to avoid too many back-to-back shows. Still, you’re in a new city every other day or so. Usually, it’s one night in a hotel, and the next you sleep on the bus in transit to the next city. As far as my day-to-day activities went, I spent time working on my set, tweaking things. I would add new songs, touch up the produced parts, remaster the older songs and whatever else the set needed to stay fresh. I would try to make things tighter than the previous show. There were also business things to sort out. I met with my tax guy when we stopped in his city. It’s important to stay on top of those things while on the road, so you don’t come back to a mess.

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Listen to KidCutUp’s Beautiful Drama tour playlist on Spotify.

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DJcity’s KidCutUp Joins Pink on Her Beautiful Trauma Tour

KidCutUp opens for Pink at Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix. (Credit: KidCutUp)

DJcity’s KidCutUp has joined pop star Pink on her Beautiful Trauma tour. The 48-date tour will support her album of the same name.

Known for his edits on DJcity, CutUp is a veteran DJ and turntablist. The Milwaukee native’s current residencies include The Dime and Harlowe in Los Angeles.

His history with Pink goes back to 2017 when he opened for her at the Summerfest music festival in his hometown. He went on to open for her two more times, including at her Super Bowl weekend show in February.

“I’ve put together a ‘greatest hits’ sort of set. including all my best remixes and routines that fit the format,” CutUp tells us. “[There are] classic party jams from front to back.”

He has also changed the pacing of his set. “People are not milling about and dancing around their bottle service tables,” he says. “They are all facing you, so I bring the show aspect to the set.”

As for his duties at DJcity, CutUp will continue making edits while on the road.

“I try to open Ableton every day and work on something, even if it’s just a simple edit,” he tells us. “You never realize how many distractions are at home or in the studio until you are in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere.”

Released in October, Pink’s Beautiful Trauma debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and featured the singles “What About Us,” “Beautiful Trauma,” and “Whatever You Want.”

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KidCutUp: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag



If you’re a subscriber to DJcity’s record pool, chances are you’ve seen KidCutUp‘s bootlegs, edits, and remixes. The Wisconsin native’s tracks regularly make it on DJcity’s Top 50 chart and have been supported by everyone from Diplo and DJ Khaled to Vice and Z-Trip. Now based in Los Angeles, CutUp currently holds it down at The Dime and Harlowe Bar on Mondays and Thursdays, respectively. He also gigs a lot in the Midwest. Last weekend, he opened up for Pink at Milwaukee’s Summerfest in front of a 25,000-strong crowd.

Check out his must-have travel items below.

1/8″ to RCA Cable

“You never know when you’ll have to plug in your phone for a laptop switchover or because of a sound issue. And if a venue has all the wrong gear, I can DJ a set off my phone if necessary. I never want to be unable to rock!”

Backstage Pass Lanyard

“Sometimes you get a laminated pass that’s just loose. Other times you need to look official without explaining to every security guy that you are official. Having a stack of passes around your neck can help.”

Small LED Light

“I carry a small light with a hook and magnet on it to attach to it things or position it in the booth. Being able to see the knobs and faders on the mixer is essential especially if the lights in the booth are moving around as much as they are on the dance floor.”

Backup Hard Drive or Flash Drive

“If my laptop goes down, I can plug in my backup drive into any available computer and make the show happen. If you don’t play the show, you don’t get the money. Don’t let that happen to you!”

Trident Spearmint Gum

“Stay fresh.”


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DJ Zo Scratches With KidCutUp’s ‘Podcast Battle Breaks’


Fresh off the heels of touring with Dumbfoundead, DJ Zo a.k.a. Zomanno has returned with a scratch video featuring KidCutUp‘s “Podcast Battle Breaks.” Watch it above and download CutUp’s scratch tool exclusively on DJcity.

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Marian Hill’s ‘Down’ Receives Club Edit From KidCutUp



If you pay attention to TV commercials, you’ve probably heard Marian Hill’s infectious single, “Down.” The track is featured prominently in Apple’s “Stroll” ad for the iPhone 7 and AirPods.

While the song contains portions with trap-style drums, there are parts of it that only have vocals. To make it playable in the club, DJcity’s KidCutUp has put together an edit that extends the drums throughout the entire track.

Preview it below and grab it exclusively on DJcity.

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