Kid Conrad: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag

Kid Conrad

Kid Conrad is a veteran open-format DJ based in Las Vegas. When he’s not holding it down in spots like 1 OAK and Rehab, Conrad can be rocking clubs in San Diego and San Francisco like Parq and Infusion. Below are five must-have items that he always carries in his DJ bag.

The Lyrics of Kele Okereke

“This is a book of lyrics from the lead singer of the English indie rock band, Bloc Party. I was, and still am, a die-hard Bloc Party fan and like to read their lyrics when I’m on the road.”

Nature Made Milk Thistle Extract

“Milk thistle has been a close companion of mine for some time now. It’s a must-have for drinkers.”

Promo CDs and Stickers

“I have these in case someone asks! I always like to have something to give out at my gigs.”

Hair Ties

“Hair ties are crucial when your hair is as long as mine.”

My Aunt’s Obituary

“My aunt always pushed me and had faith in me. I’m not the most religious guy, but I have to keep her with me at all times especially when I travel. I feel like she keeps me safe.”


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