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Da Odd Couple Drop Star-Studded Single ‘Sinphony’

Legendary turntablists DJ Rob Swift and Mista Sinista, also known as Da Odd Couple, have dropped their latest single “Sinphony.” Produced by Eitan Noyze, the track from two of the X-Executioners also features cameos from an impressive legion of fellow iconic spinners — Kid Capri, DJ Q-Bert, DJ Ace, and DJ Total Eclipse. The track is from Da Odd Couple’s forthcoming album.

Executive produced by Sinista and Dr. Butcher, Swift notes that “whether you’re an O.G. Bronx DJ legend, skratcher from the west coast, ‘beat juggler’ from the east or a cop who DJs, we can share the same stage and all collaborate together with one intention, cuttin’ sh*t up!”

The track is heavily based around a sample from The Juice Crew’s legendary 1988-released single “The Symphony.” The idea of a heavy-hitting lineup of DJs on Swift’s posse cut is similar to the 32-year old track being produced by Marley Marl and featuring Juice Crew members Masta Ace, Kool G Rap, Craig G, and Big Daddy Kane.

Listen to Da Odd Couple’s “Sinphony” above and download or stream it on all major platforms.

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Kid Capri on What It Means to Be a Real DJ

Kid Capri
Kid Capri performs live. (Photo source:

Legendary hip-hop DJ Kid Capri was a guest on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning show on Monday. The Bronx native, who’s credited with popularizing mixtapes in the ’80s, discussed the current state of DJing and hip-hop. He also reflected on some of his career’s greatest moments, like receiving a shout out from The Notorious B.I.G. on “Juicy” and contributing to Kendrick Lamar‘s DAMN. album.

When asked about what it means to be a DJ, Capri had plenty to say.

“My focus is to make sure I’m the best thing they’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t matter to me if this guy that’s coming on before me or after me has a platinum record and he’s the biggest guy. … And that’s the focus, to make sure that these people say, ‘Kid is the greatest I’ve ever seen.’ And that’s it. And that’s what real DJs are supposed to do. [They’re supposed to] come in there and make sure that everybody’s happy and be able to step out of the box and be good at it, where you not just playing one type of music. You’ll be able to play for anybody anywhere.”

Capri went on to give a personal example of “playing to the crowd.”

“When I did Khloe Kardashian’s wedding with Lamar [Odom], I knew that they was Armenian. So I went in, and I played the top Armenian records, and the whole place just shook. It was crazy to see how these people were so happy to hear this music because they didn’t think I knew it. But that’s the job you gotta have anywhere. When you go to Japan, you go to Haiti, you go to all these different places, they like our thing but what about what they do? When you got a place like Texas, they have so much Texas music that never get heard on the radio that doesn’t go anywhere. But when you come from New York, and you play that type of music, the first thing they saying is, ‘damn, how he knew that?’ And it drives them nuts, so and that’s what it is, it’s about knowing your job, knowing that it’s not about just MP3s. It’s about going out there, making sure every state is taken care of as if you’ve lived it and that’s what I do.”

Watch the full interview below.

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