J Dilla

Watch DSTRUKT’s ‘This One Is For Dilla’ Mix

Nearly two decades has passed since the unfortunate demise of producer and sample-loving MPC aficionado J Dilla. In honor of his legacy, DJ/producer DSTRUKT has put together a new eight-minute routine he recorded at the Serato studios.

The donut emoji in the title pays homage to Donuts, Dilla’s second and final album released in 2006 via Stones Throw Records. Described by Pitchfork as “pure postmodern art—which was hip-hop’s aim in the first place,” the release has an iconic spot in the history of hip-hop.

Watch the mix above and download it here.

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DJ Dainjazone’s J Dilla Tribute Set for the MikiDz Show

DJ Dainjazone
DJ Dainjazone performs on the MikiDz Show on Feb. 8, 2016. (Matthew Ito)
MikiDz co-host DJ Dainjazone opened February 8th’s show featuring ESKEI83 with a tribute to J Dilla. His 22-minute set featured a variety of Dilla-produced tracks along with five songs from Ta-Ku’s 50 Days For Dilla project.



1. Ta-ku – Day 11
2. Ta-ku – Day 23
3. Ta-ku – Day 20
4. Ta-ku – Day 17
5. Ta-ku – Day 1
6. Slum Village – Raise It Up
7. Common – Funky For You – Illo Beats Beats Beats Edit
8. Jackson 5 – All I Do Is Think of You
9. The Roots – Can’t Stop This
10. Jaylib – The Red
11. J Dilla – Safety Dance
12. Slum Village – Players
13. Slum Village – Fall-N-Love
14. J Dilla – Crushin’ (Yeeeeaah!)
15. Nas – The Season

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