Five Tips to Prepare You for DJ Expo

Eyecon Feature

Are you going to this years DJ Expo? In this video, South Carolina DJ Eyecon shares five tips to maximize your time at the event.

DJcity has partnered up with Atlantic City’s Daer Nightclub for a DJ Expo pre-party and networking event this Sunday, August 11. There will be special performances by DJ Jason Weiss, Ryno, and DJcity’s own DJ Kaos.

Watch Eyecon’s video above, and get tickets for DJcity’s event here.

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DJs Should Switch Their Instagram Profile to a Business Profile

Clutch DJ Tips

In 2016, Instagram rolled out a set of Business Tools to help companies of all sizes better understand their followers and grow their businesses.

One of the tools introduced was business profiles. Unlike personal profiles, business profiles enable companies to get insights about their followers and posts, and promote posts (run ads). Business profiles also include contact info, making it easier for customers to connect with companies.

However, many DJs have still not switched their personal profile to a business profile. Thankfully, DJ Eyecon has put together a video that explains the benefits of doing so.

Based in South Carolina, Eyecon is an official Rane DJ and former Red Bull 3Style competitor. He currently holds residencies at Malibus Surf Bar and Oz Myrtle Beach.

Watch his video above.

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