Enferno Live Remixes Just Blaze and Baauer’s ‘Higher’

When it comes to live remixers, Washington, D.C.-based DJ ENFERNO immediately comes to mind. The former DMC champ has built a reputation for delivering creative and impressive routines in recent years, averaging over 100,000 views per video.
Now, returning for his first solo routine since 2014, ENFERNO has flipped Just Blaze and Baauer’s trap anthem “Higher.” The four-minute video includes scratching, juggling, finger drumming, and piano playing — at times simultaneously.
The performance has even inspired Blaze himself:


Here’s a complete list of the equipment that ENFERNO used for the routine:
– Apple MacBook Pro
– Native Instruments Maschine Mikro
– Native Instruments Maschine MK2
– Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49
– Native Instruments Traktor Audio 6
– Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS
– Technics 1200s
– Ableton Live 9
– Native Instruments Kontakt New York Concert Grand
– Native Instruments Massive
– Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro 2
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Shiftee Talks Spreading Turntablism to a Larger Audience

Shiftee is considered one of the most skilled turntablists and controllerists in the world. But unlike some of his peers, the two-time DMC World Champion is dedicated to integrating both art forms with the club world.
During an interview with FACT TV at SXSW, Shiftee spoke about his mission to spread turntablism to a larger audience. Specifically, the New Yorker discussed his group with Enferno and mixtape series with grime artist Elijah.
Shiftee said that while turntablism is mostly about technique, his and Enferno’s goal is to make it more about the music, so it connects with more people.
Watch the full interview below:

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Watch Enferno and Shiftee’s ‘Pop Music’ Routine

Up until now, Enferno and Shiftee’s duo E.A.S.Y. has self-released their original tracks. DJ Craze has been a supporter from the start, though, and just signed their latest single “Pop Music” to his label, Slow Roast Records. Watch above as E.A.S.Y. performs the dream trap-influenced track on the fly, assisted by turntables, controllers and keyboards.

“Proud to have the homies E.A.S.Y. releasing ‘POP MUSIC’ on Slow Roast. A combination of top-notch musicianship and turntablism … This $#!T is plain ole GOOD!! Enjoy!!” – DJ Craze

Watch the routine above and download the track on SoundCloud.
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E.A.S.Y. Drops ‘Coming Around Again’ Video

In addition to being elite turntablists and controllerists, Enferno and Shiftee aka E.A.S.Y. produce original material that stands on its own. With their new track “Coming Around Again,” the duo combines elements of dream trap, instrumental hip-hop and turntablism in a way that has a similar vibe to Keys N Krates. Don’t get us wrong though, E.A.S.Y. has its own sound, and Enferno and Shiftee’s technical prowess is among the best.
Download: E.A.S.Y. – Coming Around Again
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E.A.S.Y. Live Remixes A-Trak’s ‘Push’

Two months after dropping their debut video, E.A.S.Y. (Enferno and Shiftee) have returned to remix A-Trak’s latest single, “Push.” The melodic and drum-heavy rework, which can be downloaded on SoundCloud, has also received a humorous video. The two-and-a-half minute routine features the DMC champions dressed in a variety of outfits (wigs included) while staying true to the “#RealDJing” movement.
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Enferno Live Remixes Childish Gambino’s ‘3005’

It’s been a great week for turntablist and controllerist fans. So far we’ve seen videos from Skratch Bastid and DJ Hedspin, Swindle and Shiftee, and now Enferno has a treat for us. With the “#RealDJing” movement continuing to grow, the Washington, DC native has dropped a live remix video for his melodic and bass-heavy take on Childish Gambino’s “3005.” Those looking for a copy of the remix can download it for free here.
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Enferno and Shiftee Form New Group, Release First Video

A couple days ago, former DMC Champions Enferno and Shiftee began beefing on Twitter seemingly out of nowhere. Fans around the world immediately took notice, with some fueling the fire and the legendary Craze instigating a battle.

After a series of back-and-forth insults, it was decided yesterday that Enferno and Shiftee would battle each other Thursday morning via Ustream with Craze as the referee. Fans we’re pumped to say the least.

Things didn’t turn out as expected though. To the surprise of many, there wasn’t a battle at all but rather a partnership between the two in the form of a new group called E.A.S.Y. Instead of posting a Ustream link, the DJs shared their debut #LiveRemix video, which is a parody of Andy Samberg’s SNL skit, “When Will The Bass Drop.”

They also posted an original track to their newly-launched SoundCloud account:

According to E.A.S.Y.’s website, the group is intended to “start a paradigm shift in the way we think about DJs and live performance.” It makes a lot of sense: Enferno and Shiftee are often considered two of the most technically innovative DJs in the world and they’ve proved that time and time again through impressive solo routine videos and live performances.
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Enferno Live Remixes Steve Aoki’s ‘Rage The Night Away’
Shiftee ‘Keeps It 100′ with New Mix & Routine

Enferno Live Remixes Steve Aoki’s ‘Rage The Night Away’

Master controllerist Enferno is back again with another superb routine. In a new video uploaded to Steve Aoki’s YouTube channel, the Washington DC native takes on the Dim Mak leader’s Waka Flocka Flame-assisted “Rage The Night Away” with his usual setup: a controller, keyboard, mixer and two turntables.
Enferno Performs on the MikiDz Show
Enferno Live Remixes Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo’s ‘Boneless’

DJ Enferno Live Remixes Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo’s ‘Boneless’

DJ Enferno’s live remix videos are always impressive and his latest is a nice surprise. This time, the Washington, DC native takes on Steve Aoki, Chris Lake and Tujamo’s “Boneless” — one of last summer’s biggest festival anthems. Enferno’s setup includes two Technics 1200 turntables, a Maschine Mk2 controller and a keyboard.
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