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DJ Flip – ‘Flip Will Mix It’ Episode 8

Fresh on the heels of winning this year’s Red Bull Thre3style “Lucky Bastid” wild card, Ireland’s DJ Flip returns for the 8th episode of his fan request series, “Flip Will Mix It.” The Dublin turntablist serves up a variety of genres including classic and new hip-hop, old school funk, classic rock, and more.
This video is also available on Vimeo if you’re unable to view it in your country.
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DJ Flip & Trayze Win Red Bull Thre3style 2014 Wildcards

Red Bull Thre3style 2014
Congratulations to Ireland’s DJ Flip and the US’s Trayze for winning the “Lucky Bastid” wild cards in this year’s Red Bull Thre3style competition! Both DJs have previously been featured on DJcity and will go on to compete in the World Finals in Baku, Azerbaijan next month.
Since its debut back in January, DJ Flip’s innovative “Flip Will Mix It” video series has become one of the most popular among DJcity’s fans. It’s also worth noting that he’s Ireland’s first representative on the Thre3style stage.
A Washington DC native and runner-up of last year’s East Coast Finals, Trayze has been featured on DJcityTV’s “Cutting Room” and “Tone Play” series, and was most recently the host of our Friday Fix podcast.
Listen to their winning mixes:


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DJ Flip – ‘Flip Will Mix It’ Episode 7

DJ Flip
DJ Flip’s latest episode of “Flip Will Mix It” might be one of his most impressive yet. Staying true to his mission of mixing only fan-requested tracks, the Dublin native’s four minute set includes a wide range of tracks from various decades.

Got a request for Flip’s next video? Hit him up on Twitter.
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