DJ Angelo

Watch This Rooftop Scratch Session with DJ Angelo

The UK’s DJ Angelo filmed a freestyle scratch session back in 2013 during a tour stop in Baku, Azerbaijan. Watch the previously unreleased video above, in which the award-winning turntablist gets busy on a rooftop overlooking the Caspian Sea.
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JFB and DJ Angelo Perform ‘Scratch to This’

Two-time DMC UK Champion JFB has teamed up with fellow British turntablist DJ Angelo to produce a track for his forthcoming album. Watch above as the two perform a live version of “Scratch to This” just minutes before Angelo had to catch a train back home.
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Reloop’s Super Scratch World ft. DJ Angelo & Fong Fong

Turntablists DJ Angelo and DJ Fong Fong perform a Super Mario Bros. inspired routine with Reloop’s innovative hybrid midi turntable, the RP8000.
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DJ Angelo Showcases Reloop’s Hybrid Turntable

DJ Angelo introduces a new era of turntablism with his energetic live performance on Reloop’s ground-breaking hybrid turntable, the RP8000. In this showcase, Angelo creates a live remix of Public Enemy’s “Harder Than You Think” (Featurecast Remix) by manipulating timecode-vinyl together with the RP8000’s designated cue point, loop roll, and looping buttons, combined with the filter and echo FX of the Reloop RMX80 mixer.

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