Watch: Diplo Interviews RL Grime

RL Grime is considered one of the pioneers of electronic trap music, influencing countless DJs and producers.

One of those has been Diplo, who recently sat down with RL Grime for a candid and insightful conversation. The discussion focused on his career, touching on topics like why he transitioned from house music to trap, the impact of his anthem with What So Not, “Tell Me,” his influence on Diplo, and more.

RL Grime on why he stopped producing house:

“I was seeing a shift in that big room house stuff and how it was becoming corny to me, and I wasn’t inspired and didn’t wanna make it anymore. I’d been listening to a lot of James Blake and Night Slugs stuff and just walking around New York and decided to start a project in that vein.”

Diplo on “Tell Me”:

“That record for me seems to be the staple of this whole scene. It’s up there with the biggest dance records … that record still goes off.”

Diplo on RL Grime’s influence on him:

“A lot of times, the edits you play are songs I don’t even know. And I’ll play them on the respect that I have of you and knowing what you’re doing. … You’re one of my favorite tastemakers. You always have the best attitude and the best taste of what’s about to happen, what’s gonna happen.”

Watch the convo above.

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