Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-SB3 Controller Scratches For You

Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ has announced a new version of its entry-level Serato controller, the DDJ-SB.

The first new hardware to be released with Serato’s new DJ Lite software, the DDJ-SB3 includes elements from the company’s higher-end controllers, such as performance pads, independent auto loop buttons, and control over four decks.

The unit also includes a unique new Pad Scratch feature, co-developed with DJ Jazzy Jeff, which enables users to trigger eight preset scratches by pressing the performance pads.

The DDJ-SB3 will be available in stores soon, priced at $249. Find out more at Pioneer DJ’s website, and check out the introduction video to hear Jazzy Jeff talk about the new features.

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  • Mike Anthony Piccolo

    throw the art of djing out the window,,,,,cant belive jazzy jeff is pumping this ,,,no more real djing any more,,,smh

  • Mike Anthony Piccolo

    were is the art of djing any one can buy this and think they are djs,,,,what ever happen to djing ?if you cant dj and mix with the tabels why dj with controller this is opening up more wanna be djs to under cut the real djs,,, what a joke this is starting to be ….