Jay Spring: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag

Jay Spring
Jay Spring is one of New England’s busiest DJs. From being a resident at Foxwoods’ Shrine Nightclub in Connecticut to writing for the Remix Report, Jay is considered a leading figure in the open-format scene. Below is a list of must-have items that he keeps in his DJ bag.

Snacks Snacks
I used to eat a meal before my gigs at around 8pm. But by the time I was done at 2am, I’d be starving. I’d then hit a 7-Eleven on the way home and spend $15. And trust me, it wasn’t $15 worth of apples and bananas. Now that I’m more into healthy eating, I always pack a snack during my gig — usually some homemade trail mix or a protein bar. Besides giving you some much needed protein, it also prevents you from wanting to eat everything in sight when you’re done at the club.
Slipmats Slipmats
Once I started getting better gigs at clubs that had their own turntables, I quickly found out that it didn’t always mean they had slipmats. There’s nothing worse than having to use the paper sleeves for your Serato vinyl as makeshift mats.
Zip Ties Zip Ties
The reusable zip tie that came with my Stanton Uberstand broke a long time ago so now I make sure to always keep a nice stash in my bag.
Headphone adapters Headphone Adapters
It’s definitely good to have a couple spare headphone adapters. When I produce music, I often take my headphones out of my bag, unscrew the adapter, and plug the headphones into my laptop. However, I usually forget to screw the adapter back on before throwing my headphones back into my bag. Also, if you play at clubs with multiple DJs, there’s always some guys who have forgotten their adapters, and it’s nice to be able to help.
Vinyl brush Vinyl Brush
This is a necessity for anyone who does beach gigs during the summer. You don’t realize how much sand is in the air until it’s all over your vinyl.

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