House of Marley Unveils Eco-Friendly Turntable

Stir It Up turntable

House of Marley, an environmentally conscious company founded on the principles of Bob Marley, has unveiled a belt-drive turntable. It will be released on April 22 to coincide with Earth Day and Record Store Day.

The device, which is named Stir It Up, is built out of bamboo, recycled silicone rubber, and up-cycled hemp and plastic bottles. It is equipped with a built-in preamp and replaceable Audio-Technica cartridge, along with a 1/8” headphone jack and RCA and USB outputs.

Rohan Marley, one of Bob’s sons and House of Marley’s brand ambassador, said the following in an interview with Billboard:

“My father’s music was about revolution and changing the hearts and minds of people through love and the deliverance of everyone. We hope our brothers and sisters will follow our path and really start to consider ecology and utilizing material that benefits not only yourself but the people.”

The Stir It Up will be available for $229 at House of Marley’s website and retail locations nationwide. As a special offer, a limited edition 7″ vinyl set of Marley family recordings will be included with 500 turntables. However, only 150 of them will be available in the US.

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