DJ Woody Experiments with ‘Polyphonic Scratching’

DJ Woody
When it comes to the world of turntablism, the UK’s DJ Woody is a scientist of sorts. Having co-developed the Vestax Controller One back in 2001, the award winner has since dedicated himself to pushing the limits of what can be done with turntables and mixers.
One of Woody’s latest discoveries is “polyphonic scratching.” Using Serato DJ and Rane’s Sixty-Four mixer, the Englishman has discovered a way to control up to four independent sound sources using just one turntable. The innovation enables him to play chords and independent melodies.
“The technique opens up [a] whole new creative door for turntablism,” Woody says. “I’m still learning and discovering the new skill set required for polyphonic scratching. Needless to say, this video is just the starting point.”
See for yourself below:

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