DJ Skee Aims to Revolutionize Radio with Launch of DASH

DASH Radio
DJ Skee launched a new digital radio platform today called DASH which aims to bring radio into the digital world. The announcement comes a week after Skee’s unexpected resignation from his long-time posts at KIIS FM and SiriusXM.
He told Yahoo News:

“Radio is one element that hasn’t gone digital yet. People are dissatisfied with it, and we’re trying to bring that magic back.”

Backed by L.A. Reid, Adrian Peterson, Michael Lazerow, and more, DASH has launched as a free digital radio service with 50 original stations, zero commercials, and shows with influential DJs such as Peter Ferraro, Caroline D’Amore, and Julio G.
DASH has also brought on station partners including XXL Magazine, Tech N9ne, VP Records, Record Store Day, among numerous others.

“Radio is at a turning point. In the US, 96% of the population over 12 listens to radio, yet statistics show the overwhelming majority are dissatisfied with the medium. FM stations feature endless commercials and repetitive playlists, digital platforms limit discovery with algorithmic playlists that aren’t true radio, and satellite radio is too expensive for most consumers. Today a new future unfolds with DASH (, a revolutionary new digital radio platform that features the world’s top DJ’s, zero commercials, easy navigation, and accessibility from your favorite devices.”

DASH Radio is available on iOS, Android and at
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