Ableton Announces New Versions of Push and Live

Ableton Push 2
Music software company Ableton announced new versions of their Push controller and Live suite on Monday.
Push 2:

“Like the original Push, the new version brings hands-on creation of melody and harmony, beats, and song structure. Now with new sampling workflows, a large multicolor display and softer, more expressive pads, the new Push brings a new level of playability.”

Live 9.5:

“Live 9.5 boasts new analog-modeled filters, new waveforms and metering displays, and new sampling capabilities. These add to the creative tools that are sharper than ever in Live 9: Live’s unique session view lets you improvise, play and perform without the constraints of a timeline, audio-to-MIDI conversion tools let you extract musical ideas from your samples, and a whole lot more.”

Existing Live 9 users can get the update for free. As for Push, owners of the original controller can return it to Ableton and save up to 30% on the new version. Ableton says they will refurbish returned units and give them to music education projects for young people.
The German company also announced “Link,” a forthcoming update to Live that “syncs devices’ timing over a wireless network, so you can jam with multiple instances of Live and a growing number of iOS apps.”
Get more information at Ableton’s website and watch a demo video of Push 2 below.

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