What We Learned From Diplo’s Reddit AMA

After releasing his album “Random White Dude Be Everywhere” earlier this week, Diplo took a break from his busy schedule to participate in a reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.
The best part about AMAs is that they provide a direct line of communication between artists and fans much like Twitter. The sessions are even better with an artist like Diplo who’s known for keeping it real and not sugar coating answers.
Here’s a list of our favorite responses from Diplo:
On how many children he has: “7 or 8 i can’t remember”
On what his son thinks about his lifestyle: “he just started to collect music on his iPad he has 4 songs.. his favorites are ‘good kisser’ and ‘everything is awesome’.. i love to drive with him and hear the random songs that he likes on the radio.. he always try and play this ukelele i got him..”
On why Switch left Major Lazer: “yeah it was never really something he loved.. from the beginning it kinda was like i would write the records he would mix them.. and then as i started touring .. he didn’t want to tour .. that’s basically it.. so i started to mix them myself or bring in guest for me.. i will say this . Switch is probably the best and most progressive mixer i’ve ever worked with and he works with female vocals like a renaissance painter… he’s still a boss i’m meeting him tomorrow”
On how Jack U formed: “i’ve been working with [Skrillex] for about 5 years.. he was one of the first producers i met when i moved to LA.. and we just always been really close musically with our ideas. we made a song for his EP around ‘bangarang’ that we never finished called ‘amplifier’ that was remade actually and was pretty cool.. he even sang and played guitar on a few Major Lazer demos for me.. i have about 45 songs in the pool for the new record so i’m not sure what’s gonna make it.. but Jack U we just make the songs really randomly in [downtown Los Angeles] or random places in hotel rooms very quickly”
On what to expect from Jack U: “we are doing a mixtape…. it’s gonna be very cool.. first single is called ‘take you there’ with Kiesza i wanna try and get a stream of it out this week”
On working with Kanye West: “we did a couple of records around ‘watch the throne’ i don’t know what happened to them”
On finding time to produce while on tour: “in hotel rooms.. or studios between shows.. i made 3 great songs in Amsterdam last week between Ibiza and Paris shows… all i need is some time with nothing to do but that.. i’ll work tomorrow night too.. this week i’m home in LA and surprising i have the least time when i’m home but i have my son here all i wanna do is hang out with him”
On who his favorite producers are: “Sophie, Eprom, Calvin Harris, Lunice, Skrillex, Dr Luke/Cirkuit, DJ Snake, Tchami. man there soo many ..”
On which city has the best twerkers: “gonna say miami, paris, new orleans… i’m making a video with girls from siberia for ‘6th gear’ tho”
On how he became successful: “when i made ‘florida’ i was nervous and i didn’t even know what would happen next. and it wasn’t really that well received. but funny enough 10 years later a lot of kids that are like 18-22 (the age when i made it) hit me up like wow this is crazy… my heroes back then were shadow RJD2 and Dilla.. ..i think once i did my mixtape did i find an angle that no one else was really doing.. making mixtape and finding new ways to mix music .. like Hollertronix of M.I.A. Santigold mixtape.. i found out i was good at that .. i think i was good at producing too i just knew that no one was mixing music with a new idea.. so i tried to just filter everything into a new style that i hope is still evolving.. i’m just lucky that i’m working in a time with so many cool kids also making music and inspiring me and i think 10 years later the people taste i music is a lot more developed with new ways to listen and hear music and i’m ready to be part of it”
Check out the full session here.
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