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XXL Magazine Lists Greatest Hip-Hop DJs Of All Time

Lil Jon. (Source: The Daily Beast)

XXL Magazine has just released a comprehensive list of “the greatest hip-hop DJs of all time.” From turntablists to DJs/producers and radio jocks, these tastemakers have been essential parts of hip-hop’s mainstream cultural impact.

As the list’s introduction says, “…at one time, there was a clear understanding in hip-hop that the DJ was at the top of the food chain. Before the first rap record was recorded, manufactured and distributed, the DJ was on the ground floor of this thing of ours, rummaging through various record crates in search of the perfect breakbeat to move the crowd.”

This list includes everyone from Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash to Lil Jon and A-Trak. XXL digs deep into the history of DJing, including a diverse mix of names likes Roc Raida and DJ Screw, plus Tim Westwood, Spinderella, and more.

Read XXL’s list of the greatest hip-hop DJs here.

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