Outkast’s Big Boi Goes Digging at Amoeba


Outkast‘s Big Boi recently went shopping at Amoeba Music in Hollywood for the store’s What’s in My Bag? series.

All of his picks were funky except for one: Kate Bush’s 2016 rock album, Before the Dawn. It turns out that the legendary rapper is a huge fan of Bush, citing her as one of his top three artists of all time alongside Bob Marley and N.W.A.

Big’s other picks were Funkadelic’s Cosmic Slop and Maggot Brain, Michael Jackson‘s Off the Wall and Dangerous, and his debut solo album, Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty.

Watch him discuss the albums above.

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DSTRUKT Showcases Serato’s New Halloween Control Vinyl


To showcase its new Cursed control vinyl, Serato has enlisted DSTRUKT to put down a Halloween-themed routine for their From the Studio series. DSTRUKT, a former DMC and Red Bull 3Style regional finalist, made use of Danny Elfman’s classic “This Is Halloween” and UZ’s “Trap Shit V19” featuring Problem.

The 12-inch vinyl, which is limited edition, comes in two designs: “Screams from the grave!” and “Fangs under the full moon!” With Halloween just around the corner, DJs can grab both now on Serato’s online store.

Watch DSTRUKT’s routine above.

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6 Tips for Ripping Vinyl

Tips and Tricks

There’s no perfect method for converting vinyl to digital, but everyone can agree that you should only have to do it on the first attempt. On this episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx provides six tips on getting an accurate recording in one take.

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Do you know a great way to convert vinyl to digital? Share your method in the comment section below.

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Sony Will Start Making Vinyl Records Again


Photo credit: Chris J. Ratcliffe

Sony Music has announced it will begin pressing its own vinyl records again. The Japanese company stopped making them in 1989 after the rise of CDs.

The move comes after a surge in demand for vinyl in recent years. Since 2008, rapid growth in sales has “left vinyl press plants in the U.S., Japan, and elsewhere struggling to meet demand,” according to NPR. In December, The Guardian reported that vinyl sales outpaced digital music sales in the UK at the end of 2016.

Production is set to begin in March 2018 at a plant near Tokyo. Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports that Sony will release “popular older songs, mainly Japanese music to which Sony holds the rights, as well as the latest hit albums.”

It has been nearly three decades since workers at the plant pressed a record. As a result, Sony is struggling to find engineers who have experience.

“Cutting is a delicate process, with the quality of sound affected by the depth and angle of the grooves,” Nikkei writes, “and Sony is scrambling to bring in old record engineers to pass on their knowledge.”

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Why More DJs Should Play 45s

Despite his passion for DJing with the latest technology, Mojaxx still loves to play 45s. For this week’s Tips & Tricks episode, Mo’ discusses why more DJs should play 45s and reviews products that can help them do it better.
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Four Color Zack Goes to Work With Serato’s New Mad Decent Control Vinyl

Serato has teamed with Mad Decent and VICE’s EDM website THUMP for a new control vinyl pressing. Produced by the label’s A&R and Spiritual Guide, Paul Devro, Peyote Pizza Braykz contains original tracks from Mad Decent’s catalog along with Serato’s CV02.5 Control Tone.
Serato describes it as “a collage of jersey club, dancehall, EDM and hip hop breaks, scattered with the bizarre and amazing vocals of Riff Raff, Blaqstarr and Nicky da B.”
To celebrate the release, Serato recruited 2012 Red Bull Thre3style World Champion Four Color Zack to showcase the vinyl with an exclusive (and trippy) turntablist routine.
Grab the pressing at Serato’s online store and watch Zack’s video below.

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